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This one is for you priyanka.

Lil P’s current obsession is the length of her pony tail.
I eat lots of vegetables that’s why my hair will grow long as ranju. *ranju is my maid’s daughter

When ranju wears uniform, her hair becomes short and when ranju wears color dress her hair becomes long. That’s why I don’t want uniform. [ Ranju needs to tie her plait with ribbons at school. and in color dress she leaves them free.]

Lil P was scratching her leg.
Me – What happened??
Lil P – Mungi Bit me.. Any rash / bite / wound and its because of the poor Mungi. *Mungi means ant in Marathi

Mom look. There is 1 big creature..
Me – What??
Look look. *pointing to a fly* Big creature will bite me.

Lil P back from her play.
Me – Why did u get all these stones!!
That’s for maushi. Its for her birthday. *poor maushi* [maushi –  My sister]

Shes obsessed with the number 3. I’m 3 years old that’s why I want 3 biscuits / rotis / dosas.

Bas bas (enough) with 1 hand raised liked a politico is one of her fav words.

Lil P is very liberal with kisses for me. But Hubby dearest had to really coax her to give him one. So he came up with a cute routine. If she was eating rice.. he’d ask for a rice kissie. N she happily gave it. This continues through the day. Many times he gets kissies for each item on the plate. Sometimes it’s a red dress kissie or a I am happy kissie. It can even be a kakka kissi & a susu kissie. And the latest is 3-3 kissies.

I’m 3 years old that’s why 3 kissies. 1 on the left cheek , one on the right cheek & one on the forehead. So hubby asks, when u r 4 years old where will u kiss me.. n a promt 4th kissie gets planted on his nose..

Evenings are always Bigggggggg hug times. N the moment I hug hubby she comes running between our feet and says we are a happy family.. LOL. Its such a special moment.

One day Lil P was giving her 3 kissie dose to her dad. N suddenly says-  papa, u give 3 kissie to mummy also. N Hubby Dearest wickedly said But I’m 33.. Lil p thought n said ok u give 33 kissies I will help u. N I got slobbered by 33 kissies !!! Days like this make life perfect.

Lil p loves to watch her kiddie videos.. Like when she danced to darde disco at age 1.2 or when she was learning to crawl.. She gets really excited and starts crawling .. when I tell her only babies do that .. she says – When I become baby again I will crawl. ok? LOL. How innocent.

My cousin recently gave birth to a baby boy and we had all gone to meet them. So I told Lil P.. See that’s ur lil brother. Isn’t he cute. And at that moment, the 5 day old lil fella opened his eyes and smiled at her. She was hooked. She has gone n told the school about her lil brother. And I had all teachers n ayahs congratulating me when I next visited, much to my embarrassment. I had told this to my mom. So when Lil P was at my moms place, mom took her over to a neighbor who had recently delivered a baby. The baby was all swaddled and sleeping . Mom said, Look, is this your lil brother? Lil P says.. NOOOO this baby don’t open his eyes. My brother opened his eyes and smiled. This is ur brother. When they came back home this was the report she gave my dad.

“Ajji’s brother don’t open his eyes. He was sleeping. He is so small .. he don’t have hands only!!! “ n my dad was puzzled what happened to my mom’s real brother who stays in Mumbai. LOL. Thank god she didn’t say that he don’t have hands part in front of the baby’s mother.

We were having lunch at a popular restaurant near our house. Hubby’s classmate arrived there with her family. Now I get to hear a lot abt his college friends.. n professors & lectures.. so I knew the names of most people in his class..Hubby said, “That’s my IIM classmate” So I softly asked “Who? Priya?? “ n Lil p screams at the top of her voice “ Who Priya? “ Thank god it wasn’t priya n somebody else. But this girl!!!

and the other day when we were getting hurriedly ready to go to work.. Hubby Dearest was frantically searching for his ID card.. and he asked me if I had seen it. I said “I have no idea”.. n lil p immediately says. “I have an idea.“ Without knowing what that meant. We were both so LOL.

My Lil Girl is growing. She decides what she wants to wear, eat n play. Everything has to match. Pink still reigns supreme at home. But somehow shes influenced by govinda’s sense of dressing. We occasionally have to suffer a Red shirt red pant, Red shirt yellow pant and yellow shirt, red pant combo.

Today she’ll start jr kg at her school .. Muah my shonali. You are growing up too soon. Thank you for bringing so much joy in our everyday life 🙂

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  1. Very lovely family you have. I hope you know Tamil or you can ask someone to translate this. I do not know how to say this in English. “Dhrishti suththi poda sollungo”.

  2. LOL @ kakka kissi & a susu kissie 😛 😛
    The happy family one is soooo sweet … God bless u all 🙂

  3. Lovely – more please !!

    Translation of SG’s words:
    One round of – “nazar utarna” / casting away the evil eye/ Kala Tika – for Li’l P

  4. wow. such a doll she is. totally loved her words and actions. all the best for this new year and hugs to Li’l P.

  5. So wonderfully cute! You should write more about Lil P 🙂 I’m currently ill so will come visit you when I get better. I have to meet this doll!

    Btw SG meant ‘Lil P ka nazar utharo’.

  6. I laughed SO much! The 3s obsession is very sweet. And your hubby is pretty smart- 33 eh? 😉 And LOL @ “Who Priya?”

    I guess my nudging worked 🙂

  7. OMG!!she is soo cute!And Aadi has an obsession with 3 too!!!
    And DH also talks a lot about his college,classmates,profs..another similarity
    BTW,what does PC mean??
    Big hugs to sweetie pie..and definitely a Kaala-tika post!

  8. Awww she is SO adorable, do write about her more often! I love the ‘we are a happy family part’ and ‘bas bas’ :)And did her maushi like her bday gift? 😉

  9. oh what a sweet post is this..and she is smart na…I loved the portion of 3 kisses for 3 years..and of course 33 kisses heheeh :):)

  10. woww !!! what a post !!!
    The happy family ones are soo shwweet ! I loved the “idea” one too 🙂
    as others said, you should post abt her more !

  11. Finally caught up with this post today 🙂 Loved all of little P’s talks, especially the little brother ones 🙂

  12. Shruti,
    This was amazing.I was laughing, all by myself. Priyanka is a doll,loved the hands one and the idea one..

  13. @Nitavin. hehe Priyanka is a blog friend who complained that I no longer blog about my daughter.So this post was dedicated to her. My daughter’s name is not priyanka..:) Thank u. She is a lil imp.