Long term relationships build trust #DhonikaSaath

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“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” – Stephen Covey

For any relationship to be successful, trust is a crucial ingredient. All the love in the world cannot compensate for the lack of trust. Conversely, a relationship based on trust can withstand all the storms in the world. Such is the magic of trust!

And this trust isn’t restricted to familial bonds alone, but to our everyday associations as well. It could be our child’s teacher, who we trust with the welfare and education of our kids, or our hairdresser, whom we trust with our precious tresses! As relationships go, the longer our link with a certain person, the deeper the trust between us builds. As H.L. Mencken says, “It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together.”


A Little Story

One such association that comes to mind is the one we have with our family doctor or rather our family pediatrician. He has treated me and my sister as kids, and now my daughter is his regular patient! He is a friend of my father’s and has been around ever since I can remember. A mild-mannered, thin and bespectacled man, ever since I was a child, the mention of the word ‘doctor’ has always conjured up his image.

However, there was one incident in my childhood that really tested this relationship. It was just before Diwali, and the house was a-buzz with excitement. My sister hadn’t been feeling well – she was eating poorly, was constantly nauseous and complained of a tummy ache. In those days, we lived in our grandfather’s house and there was a continuous inflow of guests.  One of them happened to be a doctor, a friend of my grandfather’s, and pretty well known in the area. He asked about us, and my Mom told him about my sister. He asked to see her and after some preliminary examination promptly declared that she had appendicitis.


Needless to say, the color drained from my Mom’s face and everybody went into panic mode. My father wasn’t comfortable; he wanted to visit our family doctor first, with whom he had developed a good rapport. The rest of the family was ready to get my sis admitted right away, Diwali or no Diwali! After a great deal of convincing on my father’s part, she was finally taken to the family doctor, who was also in the middle of his own Diwali prep. But that didn’t stop him from examining my sister, asking my parents some questions and then giving his diagnosis – celiac disease. Food allergies didn’t have much awareness then, and this was something new, but our family doctor was aware of the fact that our maternal uncle had a similar issue and in all likelihood that was what was ailing my sister as well. It turned out that he was right and with proper treatment, my sister was able to spend Diwali without groaning in pain! After this, no one in the family ever considered going to any other doctor – he was the only one we trusted!

This little incident just goes on to show that when you have a long-standing relationship with someone,  you feel more confident and comfortable about opening up, and this leads to lasting trust – a mutually beneficial association. It is exactly this sentiment that Exide Life Insurance is celebrating with their new campaign in association with our very own Captain Cool, Dhoni, aptly called ‘Lamba saath, bharose ki baat.’

Watch Dhoni in the video below, where he tells us the value of long-term relationships in our lives:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Exide Life Insurance campaign – Lamba saath, bharose ki baat. #DhoniKaSaath @artsycraftsymom” quote=”Life ki lambi journey mein, lambe rishtey hi to kaam aate hain. “]


Several doctors have come into our lives but our trust for our family doctor has been built over the years. I think he has become more ‘family’ than ‘doctor’ for us! As they say, ‘bharose ki baat hai’ – it’s all about trust!

I’m pretty sure that reading about a trusty long term association in my life has reminded you of someone similar in your life as well. If so, I’d love to hear about it, so tell me: who has been a notable ‘lamba saath in your life?

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