Diwali sweets & snacks

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We all wait eagerly for Diwali- The festival of lights. Kids are super excited about this festival as it involves lots of sweets. There are also lots of works involved like cleaning of house, making rangolis, painting diyas, cooking and not to forget shopping. So I generally make sweets and snacks which do not require much effort but are loved by the family.Here is a list of Diwali Sweets and snacks which are my family’s Favorite.Kaju Katli
kaju katli - Diwali Sweets

Kaju Katli is a perfect sweet to serve on Diwali. Delicious, Graceful and liked by all. Ready in 15 minutes with no great effort involved this is the best way to impress your guests.Atte ke Ladoo
Atta ladoo Diwali Sweets Atte ke Ladoo are a must in every home on occasion of diwali or any other festival. Made with Whole wheat flour these are quite healthy especially for kids.Besan ki barfi
besan barfi Diwali SweetsBesan ki barfi is a traditional sweet of Rajasthan. I have made an easier version of mohan thaal with no compromise on taste.Besan ki sev

besan ki sev Diwali Sweets

Crispy, crunchy, delicious, spicy…. What more can I say about besan ki sev. You can add spices according to your taste.


Diwali Sweets

Mathris can be made with plain flour or wheat flour. I have made these with plain flour and decorated with black pepper.
Nidhi is a mother to two lovely boys. After becoming a mother she realized how important and how difficult it was to feed nutritious food to kids. She believes if food looks tempting, kids will eat their veggies. Each and every recipe that she posts are approved by both her kids. That’s her USP. 
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