Sunset Art Pillow Cover Painting Tutorial using Fevicryl Fabric Colors

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Sunset Art Pillow Cover Painting Tutorial using Fevicryl Fabric Colors- Take a paintbrush to your throw pillows for a one-of-a-kind DIY you can claim as your own 

I love DIY projects that add a pop of color to any room. So, when I got a chance to test the new Fevicryl Fabric Colours, I was super excited to use them to paint something that I could use to prep my balcony corner. This Abstract Sunset Art project is super easy and can be done by beginners & even kids too!

Sunset Art Pillow Cover Painting Tutorial using Fevicryl Fabric Colors

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase pin 3

The New Fevicryl Fabric Colours Range – #FabricPeFevicryl

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 10

The new Fevicryl Fabric Colours range is different from the regular acrylics in terms that these paints are specially made for Fabric art and are super soft.

Here’s what I loved about the new range:

  • Fevicryl Fabric Colours retain the natural texture of the Fabric, not making the fabric stiff
  • Colorfast in 7 days, no need to iron painted area on the reverse side
  • The colours are Free flowing & come in vibrant colours available in 30 shades

I picked up the Fevicryl Fabric Colour kit (10 colours x 15ml) which came bundled with 3 Unique Stencils.

Supplies for the Sunset Art Pillow Cover Painting Tutorial:

  • Fevicryl Fabric Colours – Black, White, Sap Green, Orange, Burnt Sienna, Prussian Blue & Deep Bril Purple
  • A white 12×12 Cotton pillowcase that was washed and ironed before painting
  • Flat paintbrushes
  • Cardboard piece or newspaper

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 1

Instructions for the Sunset Art Pillow Cover Painting Tutorial

Protect your surface from the paint with old newspapers, tarp or plastic sheet.

To prevent bleeding, insert a cardboard, butter paper or a thick layer of old newspaper between the layers of the pillow cover.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 2

Start by painting a circle using white paint at the top center of the pillow cover and then painting yellow around it.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 2a


Using a combination of warm & cool colours, create layers – mixing and blending as you go. Since the Fevicryl Fabric Colours are free-flowing, they went on very smoothly over the surface of the pillow case. The bleed was also very low. The orange colour was my favourite with an almost satiny feel to it.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 3

Add White paint to create more tints and shades. Once the top half is mixed and blended well, a beautiful skyline is ready.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 4

Now, start painting the lower horizon using really bright colours again. I used Pink, Brown, Green & Black.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 5

Pour some black paint directly onto the pillowcase and make light watercolour effects using a wide brush.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 6

Again, since this is an abstract art there is no right or wrong. Enjoy the vibrant colours and see the Sunset art come alive on your canvas.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 7

To finish off, let the edges bleed into the fabric to give a painted art feeling. If you like cleaner edges, line your pillow border with tape before you start painting.

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase 9

Let your pillow cover dry for a few hours before you insert a pillow inside it. What do you think? Doesn’t the Pillow look pretty? Here’s how it looked in my balcony

DIY Sunset Painted Pillowcase pin 2

I also used the Fevicryl Fabric Colours to jazz up my daughter’s jeggings. 

Watch the video to see how I made it

Check out more steps here – How to DIY Cherry Blossom Art on Jeans | Back to School DIY 

Fevicryl Kala Star Contest #FevicrylKalaStars:

This DIY is my entry for the #FevicrylKalaStars contest hosted by Fevicryl Hobby Ideas. You can participate too –

  • There will be 100 winners who can win exciting prizes worth Rs. 1,50,000! Read more about the contest here.

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