DIY Alphabet Hair clip holder

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I have a bunch of girly girly 4 – 6 year old girls in my craft class.. I’m sure the boys have been scared away by all their high pitch squeals and shrieks!! LOL. They are a lovely bunch and I’ve come to enjoy my giggling sessions with them.. So to please them, I decided that this Saturday’s class should be HIGH on bling. I picked up these MDF letters from Itsy Bitsy on Friday night .. each the first letter in their names..Thought I’d help the girls make hair clip holders.  I bought the letters home and then realized that I didn’t have anything to drill holes in them. I asked 2 forums on FB for suggestions and the best I thought was to Hot glue nice 2 inch satin ribbons to its back.. Unfortunately my Hot glue gun decided to give up on me and that failed.. I don’t have nails and hammer either.. I had an eyelet drill bit at home and I used that and a “katti” (sickle used to break coconuts) to make holes.. A girl’s got to improvise !!

DIY hair clip holder

We used 2 shades of acrylic color per child.. One base (classic) and another metallic / pearl finish. The kids painted the letters with the base colour first. Once dry, they applied a metallic color coat. We used sticker sequins and other shiny stuff. A good dose of glitter made the girls very very happy. The girls got so excited with the glitter that my home is still glittering from the after effects.. I tried to string in the 2 inch ribbon..but the holes were too small. Had to settle with thin strings. Lil p wanted to use it like a door hanger.. I put a coat of glossy modge podge to keep all that glitter in place while the kids ate their snacks. Happy faces again …

Craft class alphabet clip holder


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  1. Very nice. A very good idea. What I liked was you had 3 kids name starting with S. Now a days I feel every kid has a name starting with A 🙂