DIY Cardboard House

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Today we are talking to the Lovely Kavya Prabhu who is sharing her  DIY project with us.. 

DIY Cardboard House 



1. Tell me a little about yourself .. What do you do when you are not creating awesome DIYs for your kid?

Hi I’m Kavya.. Married to a wonderful husband and have an adorable 2 year old son!
I’ve done my MBA in Finance from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Currently pursuing Masters in Baby Administration!. Quit my job as a Private Equity Financial Analyst and now full time mommy! I’m a quilling artist by passion.. love origami and all sorts of paper crafts!
When I’m not creating something.. I love to meet up with people.. play with my little one.. Love Shopping.. and make my husband a guinea pig with my culinary experiments!

2. How old is your child.. what are his favorites?
My son is two years old.. His name is Atharv. I can’t tell you how much he loves CARS and all motor vehicles. He seems to be obsessed with them. Plays with them all day long! Loves to dance to “yo yo honey singh” songs and loves to play with his peers!

3. What was the inspiration behind making this DIY Cardboard House?
I had a Fisher Price tent house which my parents bought for my 5th Birthday from the U.S. It was my prized possession.. I would play with it all day long with all my dolls and kitchen set. When I was pregnant, I would always look out for ideas to make toys for my little one. And I had decided that I will make a house! I just waited till he was a little older to play in one and finally made it now!

4. How did you make it?

For the cardboard frame, I used discarded washing machine box and other discarded boxes. I held everything together with duct tape. Later I used cotton fabric and loads of fabric glue to stick the fabric onto the cardboard. It takes a lot of time and patience especially with an impatient child wanting to play with the house!


Wow!!! now isn’t that an amazing DIY?  Thank you kavya for being an Artsy-Craftsy-Mom and sharing this project with us. I hope you keep creating such awesome stuff with your son in the future too.  

PS- Are you an Artsy-Craftsy-mom ?? If you have an amazing DIY or Art and craft activity that you would like me to feature on the blog, Get in touch with me at artsycraftsymom(at) with the subject line – I am an ArtsyCraftsyMom.





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