DIY Halloween Character Bookmarks

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DIY Halloween Character Bookmarks. Includes templates to make green witch, bat, haunted house, Dracula, black cat & ghost bookmarks.

With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get into the Halloween spirit but then to do some fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Nothing helps build excitement or gets kids in the holiday spirit like making holiday-related crafts! One of my favorite craft to make with kids at such times are paper crafts & ideas using craft sticks. My daughter and I recently made this Halloween bookmark craft based on some common Halloween Characters and had so much fun with it!

Looking for a fun Halloween craft for the kids? Recreate these Cute Halloween Character Bookmarks! Use them as bookmarks, plant sticks, or hand them out at your next Halloween bash!

Halloween Characters Bookmark Vertical 1

DIY Halloween Character Bookmarks: Supply List 


Halloween Characters Bookmark 1

To make this you’ll need –

  • Construction paper in Black, Purple, Green, White, Yellow, Pink & red ( I love to use paper scraps for such projects)
  • Craft Sticks / Popsicle Sticks 
  • Scissors
  • Glue/ Glue Sticks 
  • Black Marker
  • Googly Eyes
  • Free Printable template ( see below) 


Halloween Character Bookmarks Template

Right-click to open link in a new tab and download

Halloween Characters Bookmark Template 1

Halloween Characters Bookmark Template 2









Halloween Witch Bookmark Craft Step-by-Step Tutorial

Print the template- 2 and cut out all the parts for the witch. Trace each part on the colored construction paper. Black for the Hat & Dress. Green for the face & hands. Purple for the hat liner & orange for the Hair. 


Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 4

Let’s assemble! Stick the hair behind the face & the ribbon on the hat and the hands behind the witch’s body.

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 5

let’s put all the pieces together. The face goes on top of the body and then the hat. Stick in place. 

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 6

Stick two googly eyes on the face. Using a marker add features – a pointy or crooked nose, a mouth, and eyebrows. You could also add a mole if you fancy! 

Now glue a craft stick at the back to use as a puppet or bookmark. 

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 7

Halloween Character Bookmark Craft Step-by-Step Tutorial – 

Print the sample template-1. Color-in directly on the printout or use the template to trace the characters on colored paper & cut it out. 

To make the Bat, you will need to trace the body & wings onto a black paper. For the Cat – the body & head on black & tummy & nose on pink paper. 

Ghost bookmark, you can use white paper. 

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 1

Just like we put the witch together, layer the parts of each bookmark using the image below as reference. Add googly eyes and accents using a black pen.  

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 2

Finally, glue a craft stick at the back using a glue gun to make the bookmarks secure.

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 3

Let’s not forget the haunted house! Print and cut the house template. Cut out squares for the window & door. Add 2 strips of black paper as bars and stick a yellow paper at the back of the windows. Or just color the same in place. 

Halloween Characters Bookmark Step 8

The Bookmarks are ready! Mark the page where you left off in your favorite scary story with these Halloween bookmarks. 

Halloween Characters Bookmark Insta 1

Ways to Use The Halloween Character Bookmarks

Not only can you use this craft idea for your own kids, but there are lots of ways to use it! Here are some ideas:

  • They make really cute bookmarks!
  • Halloween party at home – as non-candy treats to hand out to trick or treaters
  • Classroom Halloween party
  • Activity to keep kids occupied when your kids have a playdate
  • Slumber Party activity
  • Craft to make and sell for school fundraiser

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