DIY Paper Doily Roses – #KIDSCRAFTSTARS challenge

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These DIY Paper Doily Roses look so pretty and are very easy to create. They also make wonderful Valentine gifts for special people in your life.

As kids, we loved to watch my grandmother crochet amazing fabric doilies. It was magical to watch her hands move in a synchronized dance, each chain linking the other and creating gorgeous patterns. Doilies adorned the backs of our sofas, the tops of the table and even shawls. While unfortunately, I never got to learn that art from her, I love crafting with paper doilies. 

Paper flower doilies look wonderful for Valentine’s Day, at a party, a wedding, or hanging from your tree. Our post is filled with inspiration and they are easy to make. 


DIY Paper Doily Roses

Doily Rose8

Materials that you’ll need :

  • Doilies – We used the 6″ white ones that we later dyed red. You could use the red ones to start with
  • Scissors
  • Green pipecleaner
  • Glue gun
  • Tissue paper
  • Red Do-A-Dot markers ( or any red dye / food coloring)

To make the Paper Doily Roses:

Doily Rose5

We didn’t have red doilies for the rose, so we used a do-a-dot marker to dab it red. You could use a red doily to begin with or spritz drops of red food coloring over it lightly. Wait till it dries completely.

Doily Rose2

We cut a spiral shape starting from the outside edge carefully making our way to the center.

Doily Rose3

Holding the center between fingers, slowly twist the doily spiral in a loose coil.

Doily Rose4

Hold the bottom in place so that the rose remains coiled. Using a glue gun, seal the ends of the rose.

Doily Rose6

We would our pipecleaner through and bent the chenile stick in the center, but you could just stick it to the bottom. No rose ever had a green center!! Well! you live & learn.

Doily Rose7

Make a few for your friends. You could use them as gifts like a bouquet, or stick a magnet at the back to form a fridge magnet gift or simply use with your gift tags for someone special.

Doily Rose9 e1453308304884


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  1. Super cute idea and easy for kids to do. I may have to jump in on this challenge. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday Pinned.