1. Oh eh .. my cousin is crazy abt Pingu and hs asked all of us @ home to address her that way 😛
    I so wanna get those CDs .. will go hunting for them 😛

  2. hahahaha! does she speak like Pingu does? I used to love that cartoon simply b’cos of the ‘Pingu-talk’ !!!! V cute Shruti.

  3. @Jyoti: Thanks 🙂
    @Swaram: U remember the pingu which used to come on DD??? .. Those CDs are now available in the market! absolutely adorable I tell u!:) Got lIl P to dress up as a penguin by showing her happy feet & Pingu CDs.

    Amazing SUPERB !!! Mind blowing …..Ekdum Sahi !!!! Wah Wah Wah !!!
    Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap !!!!
    Shruti how creative can you be???? You’re outstanding !!! I bow down to thee you Goddess of creativity !!
    L’il P is the cutest Penguin EVERRRRR….

    I love her school…..can I get myself enrolled there??

  5. @lostworld : She loves pingu going puu puu with his beak!! 🙂
    @Lohit: haha. I’m actually loving it.
    @Neelum : Uffff!! 🙂 i’m just having fun yaar! thanks 🙂
    @Divs n sneha: Thanks 🙂
    @TPL: Well not technically made!! just put together 🙂

  6. That is adorable! You come up with the most amazing ideas. My son loves to pretend to be a penguin. I need to make him one of these!

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