DIY Planet Venus Costume

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Lil p had to go dressed as Planet Venus to school today.. The teacher had also taught Lil p that Venus is yellow!!! so we made this costume for her .. It took me hardly 1/2 hr to make it .. I love DIY ideas and making all her costumes and crafts at home instead of spending money renting them..

Here is the step by step procedure..

  1. Buy 2 large yellow “handmade paper” sheets from a book shop. Chart paper size. Place them on top of each other
  2. Trace  a large circle. We used the lid of the washing bucket to trace a circle. 
  3. Cut to shape.. you should now have 2 circles
  4. Scrunch up a large piece of aluminium foil into a ball and dabble orange acrylic paint to create craters and fissures,…
  5. dabble dabble – spread spread.
  6. Wait for it to dry. Staple 2 satin ribbons as a shoulder strap and u are done..

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