DIY snakes and ladders

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I was sick over the weekend and couldn’t take any craft classes .. Neither the weekly kiddie one in my apartment nor the one at Anand Vidyalaya. I was feeling rather sad about it when the amazing Swathika came to my rescue.. Swathika is an amazing crafter and I’m a big fan.

She had this awesome idea of getting the kids at Anand Vidyalaya make their own Snakes & ladder game and had come over to collect the materials and discuss the logistics. Lil P heard all the discussions but was very disappointed when she realized she was not going. I promised her, we would attempt the crafts at home and we made the DIY snakes and Ladders game on Sunday.

DIY Snakes and ladders game

Its very simple and Lil P loved every part of it. Right from making it to playing it. I’m going to stop buying board games from now on and try making most at home 😉

You’ll Need –

  1. A square chart paper
  2. Black marker
  3. Scale
  4. Crayons
  5. Ice cream sticks
  6. Wool
  7. Glue


  1. Cut the chart paper into a square 
  2. Draw a 10×10 grid using a scale & marker
  3. Fill in numbers 1 to 100 in a sequence [ pics below]
  4. Fill in colour
  5. Draw ladders using ice cream sticks 
  6. We tried to stick on pipe cleaners for snakes but they wouldn’t stick so we used wool as swathika had suggested
snakes and ladders diy

Got to know that this was a BIG success with the kids at Anand Vidyalaya too. So three cheers to Swathika! 🙂 I owe you big time.

Will share the pics from Anand Vidyalaya once the volunteers share it with me.

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  1. This is such a fabulous idea..Loved it.. Your little one is too cute.. how could she miss the fun?

    Hope you are feeling better now.. and thank u for always linking into Colours Dekor 🙂

  2. Lil P is left handed?? they say, lefty tends to be creative… she is surely going to unleash her creativity with your crafts…!!