Stuck in a Funk? #Dunkydoit with Dunkin Donuts

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When you have a kid (or kids) at home, one thing is guaranteed – there’s never going to be a dull moment! From plastic spiders in your Tupperware to custom designing your carpets with mud prints – they’re sure to leave their mark everywhere! Kids really know how to have fun!

Speaking of fun, the other day we made plans to watch a movie at 5:00 PM. Well, if you’ve ever lived in Bangalore, you know that planning for time-bound events like movies and flights require a good deal of buffer time. On this particular day, the Bangalore traffic decided to tie itself into a tight knot and it was 6:00 PM when I got home. Needless to say, the little princess was royally angry, and even her teddy bears looked at me accusingly! I knew I had messed up, but how do I make things right again?


Promising to go for another movie the next day wouldn’t help. What you need in such a situation is a quick fix that’ll bring the smile back on your kid’s face and the spring back in her step. And I knew exactly what would work – a big hug (if your kid is still young enough to allow it) and a sweet surprise like Dunkin Donuts! Because let’s face it – there are few things that a soft, sweet, spongy ring of yumminess can’t fix!

Don’t think donuts can do the trick? Just check out the video below to see how the perfect donut can help you get your kid’s mojo back.

Did I say ‘a donut’? Sorry, make that ‘six donuts’! That’s right, Dunkin Donuts has introduced the Dunky Doos – 6 delicious donuts in one box at just Rs. 199.00.

DunkyDoos-dunkin Donut

DunkyDoos range of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts gives parents one awesome way to connect with their little ones over food in a fun and playful manner. The new DunkyDoos assortment consists of 6 new, colorful, and cheerful donuts in range of flavors that are kiddie favorites –

output GrwJOY

Mango Tango, Strawberry Crush, Smiley, Rainbow,  Cookies and Cream,  Choco Drizzle !!  YUM! YUM!!

What are you waiting for? Now the whole family can get aboard the Dunkin Donuts train and get their collective mojo on. Just put on your happy shoes and #Dunkydoit!


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