Easiest DIY No Sew Dinosaur costume for kids

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We love pretend play and when we were studying about dinosaurs as part of her science project, Lil P wanted to be a dinosaur too. And when  she asks to be dressed as a Dinosaur, she gets dressed as a Dinosaur!  we encourage pretend play as a fun way to learning. Pretend play is any game or activity that requires children to think for themselves to create entertainment and fun. All the tutorials on pinterest are really complicated and involved sewing and I really wanted something simple for her. DIY costumes are an easy way to jump-start your child’s imagination. This DIY No Sew Dinosaur costume for kids is so easy and quick to make, everyone will be making one for their girls & boys.. without much ado.. Here it is.

Easiest DIY No Sew Dinosaur costume for kids



Materials Needed –

  1. Dark Green Chart paper
  2. Light Green chart paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue stick
  5. Stapler
  6. satin tape for tying

Yup That’s about it!



To make The Dinosaur Headgear – the one that Lil P’s cow is wearing,

Easiest DIY No Sew Dinosaur costume for kids

  1. Cut out a triangle along the long edge from the dark green  rectangular chart paper
  2. Fold it in half along the middle
  3. Cut out a light green strip that’s as long as the longer edge of the triangle and bout 2.5 inches wide
  4. Accordion fold the  paper and cut as shown, taking care to keep the triangles connected at one end.
  5. Cut a small part for the head part
  6. Staple the open edge as shown in step 6, along with the light green triangles .
  7. Now similarly staple the triangle chain along the back of the triangle along the closed edge as in step 7.
  8. Cut out small circles and paste randomly on the body .
  9. Staple the satin tape and tie across your neck.

For elder kids , like Lil p only a dinosaur tail was enough. To make one,

  1. Follow steps from 1 – 5.
  2. Skip Step 6, keeping that edge open.
  3. Use a satin tape to tie across the waist.


It was so easy that Lil p could make one for her Stuffed toy – Moo-Moo  too. Only the stapling part needed to be supervised as Lil p is now 8 and can handle scissors on her own.

Lil p loves it and I’m sure every kid will love wearing one too.  I really think Moo-Moo is rather enjoying being a Stegosaurus for a day.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrowl..




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  1. Thanks so much for this! You saved me! We had a last-minute “it’s dinosaur day tomorrow” emergency!