First PTM – Vibgyor High

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Its already 3 months since lil P joined Vibgyor high and today was the 1st Parent – teacher meeting. Now that MIL is home, helping us with Lil P, Me and PC decided to go on our own.. I really liked how organized they were. Since Lil P had not gone to school the whole of last week (might miss some more days too!!), they called us up asking abt her and also enquired if we would be available for the PTM? or would we prefer a different date n time.. That was really thoughtful of them. Don’t you think so??

So anyway, we reached school today at 8.45 am .. and were directed to her classroom. This was the first time we were meeting her teacher. As working parents it’s always very difficult for us to gauge her behavior outside the home. Whenever I ask her what she did at school .. I get the response “eat”. So I was a little concerned abt what we would have to hear from her school.

Here is the update – Her teacher D said that lil P was a delight to have in her class. such a well-behaved and enthusiastic kid .. Well settled from day 1.. n quite intelligent too. She reconfirmed that lil P was indeed lefty and we should not be forcing her to use her rt hand.. (which we never did. read this ). Lil P loves the sing and dance sessions and puzzles. Is a master at ABCs and numbers.. Now the areas for improvement.. She was a little slow compared to other kids in her class in the physical part.. and she did say that that could be because of her being lefty (brain development in certain areas). Lil P has always been ultra careful while doing physical activities. She hates falling down and getting dirty. So I knew where that stmt came from. Teacher D encouraged us to involve lil P in more physical activities and that as her teacher; this would be her focus of improvement for lil P. So we shouldn’t be worrying abt it.. So phew! 🙂 .. We got to see all the craft activities that she had done in that quarter & some pics from the busy spider day, red day, Independence Day. I got to know that she had a best friend at school.. and that she loved to eat sandwiches, dosa and semiya upma!! Really interesting tidbits of her life 🙂

Updates on the construction activity in the school – The classroom A wing is fully functional. Children’s play area, swimming pool, open-air amphitheatre, kids pool, skating rink, basketball court are also functional. Looks pretty neat now.

The way it was all handled, the activities, the teacher, the campus .. We both came out really impressed with the school. A happy day! 🙂

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  1. Hey thatz so nice 🙂 Gr8 news 🙂

    Li’l P is one sweet kid 🙂

    Thatz a real nice school na 🙂
    Gr8 gng Mommy 🙂

  2. I think its very cool to be left handed. I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to switch to left hand-writing when I was in school 🙂

    Yay to lil left handed P.

  3. Yeah that was really thoughtful on school’s part ..we had our PTM too and every thing better than we expected 😛

  4. @Swaram : i am really loving the school.. n so is lil p. 🙂 I did tell u rt? that i studied in 6 diff schools from nursery to 10th.. n i always felt unsettled. Hoping lil P would feel she “belongs” to a school.

    @TPL : I am facing different challenges though.. She likes to cut paper.. but none of our scissors are useful for her. I can’t teach her to write.. cos she holds with her left hand!! Anyway, i think its cool too! bul ILs are way too superstitious! 🙁 Always trouble abt her left handedness when they r around!
    @swati : 🙂 yay! good both our kids are faring well! its always a pleasant surprise to hear teachers speaking such good abt the child. I am happy I chose VH.

  5. Hey I am here for the first time…The school seems to be very fun yaar..spider day!!!…

    LiI P is swweet yaar

    Aryan’s mom

  6. Lovely.. You both must be proud parents 🙂 Spider day is cute.

    I wanna go back to school now! Or teach tiny tots (not easy I know)..