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Since I haven’t got any entries for the yummy tummy yet.. I’m sharing a few more food stories from my home.. Some happy, some not so happy ones..
It was day 2 in the hospital rt after Lil p’s birth.. When Lil P was born she was 36 weeks and 3 days old.. weighing a mere 2.8Kgs.. We were struggling with the BF, both of us frustrated with our attempts. By second day I was exhausted.. n so was she.. that’s when the nurse suggested that we try lactogen.. A new bottle was bought, lactogen mixed and administered.. and that was when we realized that Lil P had lactogen intolerance.. and a severe reflux to go with it. She vomited the whole formula.. and they had to pump out any remaining traces to stop her from vomiting further..  I had no option but to give BF my best shot.. Thankfully, I was able to express and then feed her using a tiny spoon. Day 2 she had developed jaundice and her weight dropped to 2.5 kgs which is not uncommon in kids who are underweight.. She was kept in a photo therapy machine for three days… the tiny body with her eyes taped.. in that machine.. It was heartbreaking.. I can’t imagine what moms of premature babies go through. Even as a 4 day old she struggled to remove the gauge tape covering her eyes.. ok I digress..

I still find it difficult to talk about it.. Lets speed it up a little.. In short, Lil P never had formula milk and thankfully never needed to either.Funnily enough, B Milk was never a problem.. Cerelac without milk was ok.. once we started Rice and boiled veggies we never really missed Milk .. Even to this day, Lil p has a vomiting reflux if she smells milk, sees it or sees anything that looks like milk.. She will Vomit. When she was about 6 months old we tried curd and there was no looking back.. It was like curd and Lil P were made for each other..she loved to eat it on her own.. Leaving you all with a fav pic of mine – Lil P eating Curd..
Does your child have any food allergies? How did / do you deal with it? 


Since its customary to share a recipe for Yum-Tum Wednesdays– Here it goes..
PS: Its got nothing to do with Curd..

Do you remember this trip? We were lucky to have a family who looked after our every needs.. The food was customized.. the flavors amazing. I have never felt so pampered and indulged in my life. One of the highlights of the trip was a bread crumb pudding that was served to us.. Me n my sis loved it a lot.. the rich creamy feel of the dessert that was a cross between a shahi tukda and a frozen pudding. .. Once we were back, I researched the net to get the exact recipe and found something that came really close. Do follow the link to check out the super easy recipe.

Quick Bread Crumb pudding



I’m looking forward to hearing your food stories … Here’s the format again.
1. Introduce yourself and ur family..
2. What are your family’s or kids favourite foods?
3. Do you have any funny incident to share with us?
4. What is the recipe that you would like to share with us today?

You can choose to mail me the details or do a post and mail me the link

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  1. Cute pic! kala tika really:)

    Curd + anything that isn’t raw = Vyas
    anything raw (specially oranges)- minus rice-minus curd= Varun

    While Vyas can have just cups of fresh curds has a whole meal, I have to coat it with rasam or dhal for Varun to shove it down his throat:)

    Vyas was allergic to food colors, cocoa, tomato ketchup, honey and so many things and he used to develop rashes.. He has been swimming regularly for the last two years and has completely overcome the trouble.. I mean, swimming has been the only distinct change to his routine and so the inference:)

    And luckily, even I haven’t used formula feed for both:)

  2. Hi,
    My quip is not creative at all 🙂

    Who can help admiring that child with such pleasure on her face?

    She is cute and thanks for sharing with readers!

  3. I would like to contribute whenever possible to this series but i have certain questions.

    Is it necessary to have a story(food story in particular) when one is sending entries? For me, I have no stories but yes some interesting recipes which I have bookmarked for my picky eater son.

    Also this intro part-is it necessary?Blog profile link will give as much info as needed about the person, right?

  4. Hey, congrats for kick-starting such interesting features !!
    Aadu also loved/loves curd with hot rice !!
    What age did you start curd for Lil’P? I kind of forgot when I did it with Aadu. Ajinkya is now 10 months old, can I start for him?

  5. @Neelum – we started in 6th month only.. she seemed to like it. We gave a watered down version without salt or sugar. We never asked anyone if we could give or not.. so i’m not an expert.. Pls check with ur doc for ajinkya.

    @Dr Sonia: Thanks, Would you like to do a post with a self intro and a food story where you tell abt what ur family likes to eat..

    @R’s mom: Ya 🙂 I’m happy that Lil P can eat curd and cheese without breaking into a rash.

    @Vidya – thanks . and You can link in your posts .. I want to make it more personal.. Why don’t you tell a lil abt what vyas n Varun like.. Ur comment can be the food story..

    @Emreen: Thank you. Its one of my favorites
    @gardener – Thanks 🙂 She is quite a poser..
    @Lavs – Its not mandatory.. 🙂 But you can paste from ur profile itself just as a conversation starter.. a bit more personal I feel.