Ganesh Chaturti DIY aarti plate

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Ganesh chaturti,  will be celebrated by Hindus around the world on 23rd August as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. On this day, people decorate the floors of their houses with “Rangoli” using rice flour.  Special mantaps are decorated to place the idol and elaborate arrangements are made for lighting, decoration, puja and floral decorations. So leading upto this festival, this blog will focus on some some simple DIY delirious ideas on decorating your home. [ Swaram this in on ur request :)]

Today’s focus will be on ways to make a

Ganesh Chaturti DIY aarti plate



What you will need :

  1. A thermocol plate
  2. Acrylic colors – Red & white (or yellow)
  3. Some glitter tubes
  4. Brushes and water.


  1. Color the thermocol plate red. Let dry.
  2. Then using white (or yellow) acrylic color, paint simple designs on the plate.
  3. You can add final touches using Glitter glue or sequins or small mirrors. Sorry I had none at home.




Some other ideas :


Try them out and don’t forget to share some pics. Next post will be on making stunning rangoli designs.. without any artistic talent required. 🙂


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  1. Hi! Nice creaf ideas you got. My mom is majorly into these too. I’ll make a post on one.

    btw, the last time I was here, I saw a link about your other blog on home decor.. what is the URL again?

  2. @ print lover : Love them!!!! waiting eagerly for the crafts post!! Can you pls ask ur mom if I can copy a few ideas of hers??

  3. Hey Shruti…I left a comment for you on the latest post abt schools on my blog. Not sure if you saw it yet. Am posting it here…would appreciate if you could pls respond.

    Here it was: Hey Shruti…I was just reading your blog while you typed this comment! What a coincidence 🙂 Thks for the suggestion. I’ll visit Bethany High as well. BTW mind if you and I exchange emails? I’d like to know what apartment complex you guys rent at HSR…we need to figure out where to move if we want a school of our choice.