Glitter craft submissions by Remya

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Artsy-Craftsy-September is on in full swing with a lot of entries pouring in. Few readers submitted their entries via email.. Here they are – 
From Divya,


From Remya Gautam,
Attaching my lil ones entries for month of September.
1) Coconut Piggy bank
Break the coconut into two halves. Remove all the white porton  from inside.
Using sandpaper clean the outside shell till soft.
Glue the two halves after making a small hole at any join.
Paint the coconut with any dark color.
Let the paint dry.Decorate it with glitter adding design of your choice.
Coconut shell pigy bank is ready.
2) Coaster from Cd and glitter
Take any unused cd.
Paint both the sides of cd.
Decorate with  glitter as per design of your choice.
Coasters for lil ones are ready.

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