How to Make Beauty and the Beast Inspired Slime – Video tutorial

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An easy and fun craft for kids to make at home & one of my favorite DIYs this summer is Slime. I used to see a LOT of Slime recipes on Pinterest and always thought that it wouldn’t work for me as every recipe used foreign brand glues.

But when I saw that Fevicol had a video on How to make Slime,  I had to get involved!

My daughter loves bright colors and sparkles, and her current favorite is the movie Beauty and the Beast, so we decided to make a Beauty and the Beast inspired slime

Beauty and the Beast inspired slime

DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol

This DIY idea is super inexpensive and so much fun to play with. We found all the ingredients for the Glitter Slime at the local stationery store. The step by step instructions, slime recipe and video tutorial show you exactly how to make the Glitter Slime Using Fevicol MR at home. Very cool for a summer day when you have heard “Mom, I’m bored. What can I do?” more times than you can stand it.

Watch the video here –


To Make the Slime You will Need:

DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 22107 PM

  • Fevicol MR,
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Lots of Glitter, Sequins, Beads
  • Concentrated Liquid Soap used to wash utensils,
  • Baking Soda (or cooking soda)
  • Contact Lens Solution ( check that it contains sodium borate and boric acid) available at all Chemist Shops.
  • A plastic spoon or fork
  • & a Bowl to mix it in.

Steps To Make Glitter Slime:
DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 22129 PM

  1. Take a clean melamine or plastic bowl and add approximately 50 gms of Fevicol MR. You will need more if you want to make a large quantity of Slime.

    DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 21915 PM

  2. Add yellow acrylic paint to the glue. Mix well so that the color is nicely distributed. You could alternately use Food Coloring or leave it plain white. We used yellow to create our slime
    DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 21918 PM
  3. Add concentrated liquid soap, (1/2tsp) to the Fevicol mixture. Stir well.
    DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol21921 PM
  4. Add a pinch of Cooking Soda or Baking Soda ( sodium bicarbonate) and mix well. Let the solution rest for some time. At this point, the glue takes on a thick milkshake like consistency.DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 21932 PM
  5. Now add about 5-10 drops of the contact lens solution to the Fevicol mixture. Stir well.
    DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 21949 PM
  6. Repeat till you get a slimy consistency. Keep adding 5-10 drops of lens solution at a time and mix well.  (We had to add about 40 drops of lens solution .. depending on the quantity of the glue, you could need more or less lens solution. ) .. You can see the Slime starting to leave the sides of the container.
    DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 22007 PM
  7. Your Slime will start to come together immediately. Keep stirring until it’s too thick to stir with the fork and switch to using your hands! Add a few drops of lens solution if the slime is too sticky. Knead, Pull, Twist & stretch. Pretty cool science if you ask me.
    DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 22014 PM
  8. Add the glitter, beads and buttons to the slime. Fold & mix well.

DIY Glitter Slime with Fevicol 7873


I always thought making slime was a mystical experience saved for Pinterest, but I was wrong! If you have put off trying to make slime, don’t. You will be surprised at how easy making slime really is. Our Glitter Slime recipe proves it!

Summer vacations are almost over with just a few days left for all the fun and frolic. How about making the most of it by adding some color and creativity to it? What Slime will you be making?

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