Handmade satin headbands

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I made these last week …. What do U think??

I can imagine the satin flowers sitting pretty on a black purse like this 1..
black bag
or maybe in pretty earrings like this??
red satin flower earrings
unlimited possibilities….

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  1. Wow – looks really nice and elegant. Especially love the pearls necklace idea…I’ve never seen that before. You could even stick a safety pin behind one of them and wear it as a broch or saree pin. Cool idea…gotta try it sometime. Could you post up a tutorial on how to make different flowers btw :-)?

  2. Wow .. just amazing that you just turned some satin tape and a few other ‘button’s that we bought into such wonderful hair bands πŸ™‚

    You know Shruti, you should make this your full time job :))

  3. @Sandhya: I should be thanking u .. U took time off to show me the shop. Lets go there again.
    @swaram: actually I have 1 pinned up on my black leather purse.. there are lots of options…
    @R’s mom: Thank u.

  4. @Art: Thats a deal.. its damn simple too. Lets have a group session once πŸ™‚
    @Esther: had made it for my daughter and a friend’s daughter.
    @varsha: Welcome here. n thank u πŸ™‚
    @Divs: πŸ™‚ Yup thats the idea. Will do it soon.
    @Vidya: Ya. The silk blue and green gold ones look amazing pinned on a saree.
    @Priya: Thank u .. It must have been such a shock to u reading abt IHM’s daughter. Its very unfair.

  5. Gorgeous and very versatile. Especially like the uuparwala red (remember ‘merawala cream’ in the paint advertisement?).

    I’ve seen someone wear something similar, it was on one side (at the neck) of a high-necked western top