Handpainted River Pebbles – Art as Meditation

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One of the keys to having a peaceful mind is to follow some sort of daily spiritual practice. This is something that we can do every day that connects  something greater to ourselves. Some people meditate, I craft.. It is an amazing way to de-stress. Sometimes all I have is 10 minutes of ‘Me Time’.. and that’s all is what is required really..

I had these amazing, smooth, river pebbles that Preethi had given me. An OHP marker and few minutes later, I had these beauties in my hand..

Handpainted River Pebbles – Art as Meditation

What do you think??
In a world that’s moving faster than we can keep up with, it’s important to find time to slow down, sit back, and relax. If you’re like me,  constantly on the go—getting everyone out the door in the morning, dropping the kids off at the bus stop,  working late, Crafting, homework, office calls , studying Laundry, cooking —then you’re probably longing for at least 10 minute a day to relax. The good news is you won’t have to travel far (although a beach vacation would be nice) to take a breather. You can do it in the comfort of your own home.
For me, Art is a form of meditation. Anybody can practice it .
Begin Get rid of all outside distractions. Remove yourself from the telephone, T.V., the computer, the cooking. .  We make time and space for ourselves. Be ready to begin.

Clear your mind . Painting outdoors is a good way to achieve this through its quieting and nurturing atmosphere. You can settle down and work freely.

Create – Creativity is thinking out of the box. – There is no correct or wrong way to paint. If it speaks to you. Do it.

Visualize – Step back and look at the big picture. Sometimes when looking at what you’re painting from a distance, you will see something different; something new. You may be seeing a part of your essence, what you really brought to the painting.

Enjoy this time you spend with yourself; it is uniquely satisfying and fun to spend time in the creative process. You come away refreshed and renewed.

Edit – This is an old post that I have updated & republished.

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  1. Oh my gosh.. this is soooooooooooooo super cute.. Loved it… Shruti..

    Fact is that.. I dont even get 10 mins.. *sigh*.. often I forget what me time is… So Im truly thankful to Rashmie.. from Mommy Labs for getting me started on Made with love with ‘me time’.. Im now thinking ahead.. of some me time.. and have even decided to get to doing 10 mins of meditation.. and maybe spending an afternoon with myself.. 🙂 .. All happy parts of my wish list..

    Totally loved this one.. so look forward for this being featured on CD FB page tomorrow…

  2. Lovely!! Craft time is indeed treasured. The satisfaction that comes after a creative activity is therapeutic..

  3. wow!!! Very Creative. I would like to write about you in my blog – If you give permission. Please reply to arushi.ga AT gmail.com