Handprint Chicken and caterpiller

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Lil P lovedddddd doing this 1..

The handprint chicken art
Color color caterpillar inspired by DilSe’s caterpillar idea
Entries are pouring in for the artsy-craftsy… last 2 days left. Check out the latest entries –
  1. handprint bird & ganesha ,  From Shalini
  2. handpainted fruits & papercup hens  – from Neelum
  3. seascape & photoframe – From worjunkie
  4. Thumbprint frogs – From starry



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  1. ohh even we made the caterpillar once but I loved lil P’s colourful catter pillar, chicken is new to me , will try both again and post pics

  2. awesome!! This chicken is soo cute!! and am swovy i cudnt send ya cub’s work!! the damn camera! 🙁

    but i am loving everything everyone has done and hope to do it with in near future!! 🙂