Happy Dussehra – Easy Rangoli Designs

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Happy Dussehra to all of you. I am away at my in laws and having a gala time this vijayadashami. Hope you are too.  It will be some time for me to come back and share all the pics  , Till then I’m sharing an old post from my other blog Decor delirious …
A dummy’s guide to stunning rangoli.
Materials :
  1. Small  plastic sieve
  2. Rangoli powder – Yellow, Red, Green, White
  3. Magazine cover
  4. Transparent cello-tape.
  5. Chalk piece & a small roll of thick thread.
Easy Rangoli Design Diwai Dussehra Navratri
  1. Assemble all materials at one place.
  2. Tie one end of the thread to a wet chalk piece.
  3. Put a dot , then place  your thumb tightly over the thread on the dot and draw a circle.
  4. Similarly draw 2 more bigger circles encircling each other by increasing the radius.
  5. Make a small incision in the colored rangoli packet.
  6. Now hold the Sieve in your left hand and pour little amounts of red rangoli powder regulating the flow using the plastic cover of the rangoli packet itself. . The trick is to never let your sieve touch the ground. However keep it as close to the ground as possible.. Fill up the inner circle. Ignore if it falls a little outside the chalk circle.
  7. Similarly, Add yellow color outside the red
  8. Now fill the biggest circle with green rangoli powder.
  9. Make a fresh cone using magazine cover. stick it in place using a cello-tape. Fill it upto 3/4 using white rangoli powder. cut the lower end of the cone so as to allow free fall of rangoli powder.
  10. Draw muruku like design  in the yellow section holding the cone firmly. Practice on a news paper to gain confidence.Ganesha6
  11. Complete the muruku design in the yellow section.
  12. Add circles along the circumference
  13. Add final designs as you desire and add a swastika in the centre.
You can try other designs and colors. Some rangoli ideas from flickr drawn using same technique.
Also read some more DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ideas for  Rangoli design  &  Puja thali


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