Ice Cream Craft Roundup – 30+ ideas

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30 plus ice cream craft ideas

We celebrated Ice creams the whole of this month in lieu of July 23rd being the World Icecream Cone day. Here are the fab ideas submitted for the Artsy-Craftsy-July..
1 IC 001
1 IC1
1 IC2
Ice cream craft on a carry bag made with corrugated paper
1 IC3
Ice cream craft made with card board & washi tape
1 IC4
Ice cream craft made with napkin & dried tea leaves
Some more awesome ideas from the net are 
  1. Create a faux ice cream with this easy tutorial from by Anne Renaud
  2. Ice cream for breakfast? Arrange a grilled cheese sandwich with bananas to look like an ice cream & surprise your child this week. Check out Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons 
  3. Try a fun Banana Chocolate Pops recipe from sunday sweets– Its fast, Its easy and its healthy!
  4. Decorate icecream scoops with fruity loops, chocolate chips, kiwi & mango slices to make Cute Fishes. Find out how at
  5. Paint the tallest cone? A lovely tutorial by KATHY BARBRO from
  6. Easy paper ice cream ornaments Idea by Jessica Jones
  7. ICE CREAM SANDWICH Tutorial by – Kristin Fitch
  8. Paper Craft Popsicle Memory game by the
  9. Try some Yumm Fruit & Yogurt Popsicle recipes by

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  1. Wow… I’m always surprised by the craft ideas that come here. Never imagined so many kinds of ice creams. And the best part… one is mine. yay :-).