Ice cream stick magnetic photo frame

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Lil P loves to make stuff for us all .. and I love getting gifts from her. 🙂 Its a win -win situation.. Last week was a busy week.. Juggling late night calls, paper work and a hectic schedule at office, I really did not have time to play with her .. Those duties were duly handed over to hubby dearest. After three days of no crafts, Lil P wanted to “make somethin”. So I gave her some icecream sticks , glue & some sparkly sequins [ Lil p calls them her jewels ] and she came up with this

Ice cream stick magnetic photo frame


You’ll need –

1. Four Icecream sticks in various colors. If you don’t have coloured ones, buy the normal ones and let kids paint them with tempera colors
2. Get lots and lots of shiny sequins or baubles. You could also make stuff with clay or use shells to stick on
3. Gloopy glue or fevicol.
4. A photo or paint your own artwork display
5. A magnet

Here’s how to make it –
1. Line up 4 sticks to form a square
2. Use Fevicol and glue each corner very carefully. Wait till it completely dries before moving on to the next.
3.  Decorate using sequins , glitter, buttons, shells or paper flowers gluing them along one side of the frame
4. You could also just choose to leave it painted.
5. Cut the photo or drawing to scale and paste it at the back of the frame
6. Paste a magnetic strip or tiny round magnets available at an arts and crafts shop at the back.
7. Gift it to Mom :p

This works as an excellent Fridge Magnet DIY and a nice gift for someone you love. Do you have kiddie gift ideas to share with me? What are the things that your kids have made for you..  Do share your thoughts 🙂


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  1. Ice cream sticks have always been one of those fav craft making items isn’t it, i remember making coasters, frames etc with my aunt (mom’s sis) from whom i guess i have got the creative genes! this post made me nostalgic!

    Adithis Amma Sews

  2. These are very cute – we have some coloured sticks and so far they have only been used as trees in our winter snow cloud play must try something more creative with them.

    Thank you for sharing on Tuesday Tots this week.

  3. @shama 🙂 It was super easy for her to m,ake.. though getting the sticks to stick was tricky for her..
    @Aditi’s amma – Yup 🙂 e made a lot of fun stuff as kids too.
    @Swaram: I’m unable to comment on any WP blogs.. urs included 🙁
    @Emreen: 🙂 Thanks.
    @Cerys: 🙂 Thanks for dropping by ..