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Shruti is a writer, photographer, DIY lover, passionate homemaker, and the chief dreamer at ArtsyCraftsyMom.com . Shruti lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and daughter. She loves showcasing fun art activities, crafts for kids, celebrations, childrens books & all the craziness that is India.


  1. utbtkids says

    Shruti, the bird looks stunning. Can make it 3-D, with pattens on both sides. It will look nice hanging from something.

  2. Divs says

    Very cool idea Shruti. I should try it sometime. BTW you’re tagged. Come visit and find out…can’t wait for you to take it up 🙂

  3. Shama Nagarajan says

    shruti,am happy to be a part of Artsy craftsy challenge . learnt lot of new styles of painting through this . Thank you dear . Awesome painting .

  4. MindfulMeanderer says

    @UTBT: 🙂 .. No patience… This was completed in 10 mins flat.. while lil p doodled with her stone.
    @Emreen: 🙂 Thanks. and don’t forget to share the pics
    @Shama – Thank you..
    @Divs: I’m hopeless with tags divs 🙁

  5. Namisha Shah says

    Interesting to know about a unique art form originating from central India. The eye-striking and colorful art photographs in your post depicts the richness of the Gond art. Thanks for introducing such a wonderful art form to your readers.

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