Inspiration for Artsy-Craftsy-Jan 2012

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Just 3 more days left for the Artsy-Craftsy-Jan to end.. I had a lot of inspiring artists to introduce to you guys.. Somehow this month passed away so soon.. First, I have made a Pinterest board with some of my favorite blogs talking about famous artists and art activities to learn and appreciate.



We also have a lot of new entries for the Artsy-Craftsy. Do follow the links and leave your encouraging comments.


6. Anoushka Sunil 


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  1. That board is super wonderful. How on earth do you get to such stuff? Will check out the entries as well. Unfortunately can’t get the kids to sit down to do anything I want them to do… they’re bent upon doing their own thing.

  2. Shruti-I was exploring Artnavy’s submission when i encountered this problem.I have written about it at her blog too.

    The pinterest board does not give any information about the artists whose works are reproduced. Say for example, the tree painting done with Q tip. who is the artist? what is so special about this method of painting. if links can be provided for the same, then as a parent, i can educate myself and then teach it to my kid in future.

    Pls help and provide information as much as possible. thanks.