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Small Hands Creating Hope  
I guess everyone has a favourite uncle  or aunt while growing up… Me & my sis too had one.. My dad is a businessman and we had moved to Hyderabad. And Hyderabad meant visiting Ramesh Mama (uncle) , my mom’s first cousin.  I remember his bachelor pad , his cook ramlu.. who would dish up an amazing fare.. and a place where both mom and dad loved to spend. He was super cool with us too. He resembled my Grandpa a lotttttt in looks (who I missed terribly) so it was natural that we all got very fond of him. 
He died of Lung cancer …That was our first brush with cancer. Many years later I saw a close friend lose his mom to this disease and much recently another still coming to terms with her mom suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 
When we think of cancer, it feels so negative so final.. But Cancer is just not about death, its about Hope & miracles also. One such example is Maryanne from .. a cancer survivor herself. To celebrate her 30th year of being cancer free, she along with a group of bloggers from around the world have come together to  put together a book filled with ideas for projects children can make to bring hope to cancer patients. 
Each one of us have been touched by cancer directly or indirectly. Our Craft projects will be 
  • Photos of projects/children’s artwork featuring purple (the color of cancer survivorship) or yellow/light (for hope).
  • Tutorials of projects children can make as gifts for cancer patients (of all ages) or tutorials of projects children can make for cancer patients. Beyond the color scheme, projects featuring the sun/light, rainbows, and butterflies are especially welcome.
We will celebrate for over a month – from 14th May upto 14th June , through a blog hop mentioned here,  each one sharing their story & their project with tutorials. More details can be found at her blog..

Apart from submitting a project for the book and raising funds, we would be visiting cancer wards,  and gifting stuff for the children there

Would you like to get involved? Email  (mamasmilesblog at gmail dot com) with your cancer story & project before 1st may to be included in the printed book. Any submissions later than that might just be included  in the e-book [ this also if Maryanne] can squeeze it in.

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