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When you’re newly married, there’s a certain glow about you. You and your spouse have rosy glasses intact, and nothing else matters as long as you’re together. We were in love!

Waterproofing with Dr Fixit

Our first home was a newly built apartment complex – a 2 bedroom rental home with the smell of fresh paint and large windows that let the sun stream in early mornings.  First, the bed came, then the TV and soon the sofa & fridge. Yup! Our priorities were pretty clear.

Very slowly, the house became a home – new curtains, fresh plants, gorgeous furnishings. The aroma of home cooked food and laughter filled our newlywed life.

The onset of monsoon brought with it the Petrichor and greenery in the landscape. The afternoons were spent sitting in the verandah, watching the rain stream as we sipped garam chai & ate pakodas. It was paradise!

But soon, the cracks began to appear. Not in our marriage, but in our walls, silly! This same monsoon wreaked havoc in our home by causing damp walls, dripping ceilings and mold formation. Sadly, our house was a non-waterproofed home.

Yet, nothing – including damp walls and leaky ceilings, caused us too much concern. Being busy professionals, we were outdoors for most of the day anyway. Although, whenever it would rain and there was a musty smell, we turned a blind eye (or rather, nose) to it.  It just looks bad, we thought!

Fast forward a few years and a tiny new person entered our lives, our darling daughter, who turned our life and our priorities upside down. Everything we did now was with her best interests in the foreground. Anything that might pose a risk to her health or safety was immediately annihilated. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up a leaky ceiling and fling it out the window!

When it rains and humidity levels rise, water seeps through walls and causes leakage. This gets worse in the case of a high-rise apartment building like ours, which was also subject to high winds. As a result, the leakage just kept increasing and the apple of our eye began to get sick!

She was plagued by respiratory issues, eczema, and frequent fevers and guess what was the cause of it all? The dampness & mold!

The damp wall patches promoted microbial activity and over a period of time, these patches become heavily concentrated with microbes. These microbes plus the toxic mold were harmful pollutants and severely affected the health of my baby.

Finally, we decided that we couldn’t put our princess at risk anymore and moved to our own home. One of the first things we did was call in an expert to check for possibilities of mold and dampness – we weren’t going to tolerate it anymore!

For providing freedom from dampness and leakages, the perfect place to seek help is Dr. Fixit of Pidilite Industries, who has dedicated technical experts to do site inspections and offer practical solutions.

In this video, our very own Big B tells you how effective Dr. Fixit is!

The monsoons come with many challenges – the last thing you want to do is add to the list with damp walls and leaky ceilings!

Although the rains can’t be controlled, its impact on our house and health can be controlled.

Homes can be waterproofed by using suitable surface coatings which serve as a barrier against water and function as a protective shield coating.  Products like Dr. Fixit Raincoat, an elastomeric exterior waterproofing coating can be applied on all types of exterior walls.

Waterproofing of terrace can be achieved by using products like Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee, a waterproofing coating that provides a tough waterproof barrier, that doesn’t crack due to variations in heat over different seasons.

Bathrooms are the biggest source of leakages in constructions, products like Dr. Fixit Bathseal Kit help in waterproofing.

Young children and seniors, in particular, are vulnerable to mold and dampness, which is why getting it fixed is not something to put off for another day. Don’t do the same mistake we did which made our daughter suffer for so long.

Hurry and call in Dr. Fixit to say no to damp walls, damp ceilings, rising dampness, cracks, and leakages!


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