Raising Readers with Kindle #StartAStory

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My daughter is a voracious reader, and I have to say I’m really proud of her!

Raising Readers with Kindle #StartAStory- If you have a little bookworm at home, the All-New Kindle E-reader is the perfect gift to encourage them to read more

But it wasn’t always like this. My little girl wasn’t born a bookworm; quite the contrary in fact. When she was a toddler, she had fun pointing at pictures and chewing up the allegedly indestructible board books. True story!

But as she got older, she grew less and less interested in the written word. When it came to any activity v/s a book, the poor book always lost. I was at my wit’s end when I had an idea.

The next day, around her TV time, I took my Kindle Voyage, opened up an eBook of The Paper Bag Princess, enlarged the title text and left it on the couch right next to the remote.

She walked in, picked up the remote and saw the word ‘PRINCESS!’. Intrigued, she picked up the kindle and saw the words ‘PAPER BAG’ and I knew in that moment that the title had caught her interest and she was hooked. My little girl was actually enjoying a book and I had the Kindle to thank! That was last July and it’s been a year since she has been reading regularly.
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Raising Readers with Kindle #StartAStory- If you have a little bookworm at home, the All-New Kindle E-reader is the perfect gift to encourage them to read more

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Reading is all about learning – about the great big world outside as well as about new words and phrases. So, when I found lots of classics like Robinson Crusoe, Little Women, Heidi all for free – who can beat that? , I downloaded them for her to read.

Heidi has turned into her current favorite and she is enthralled by the setting of the story, the Alps.

The Smart Lookup helped her look it up right away and she found out quite a few bits of trivia – Did you know the Alps extend across a range of countries and a 5,000-year-old mummified man was once found there! Well, now you do. Hah!

She even has a picture of the Alps from my Europe trip stuck on her mirror. She’s decided that she wants to be like Heidi and go see the Alps when she grows up!

We even track our reading goals and see how far we’ve come – more motivation to read! My girl has her reading list all lined up for the second half of the year, and I’m sure she’s going to reach her goal!

It’ll come as no surprise to you now that my daughter is a huge fan and loves her collection of eBooks. The Kindle has literally opened her eyes to a whole new world.

If you too have an avid reader at home, the All-New Kindle E-reader from Amazon.in will encourage them on their reading journey as they devour more difficult books.

Join us and  #StartAStory  today. Don’t forget to share them with us.

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