15+ Books for Father’s day

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With Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to share my daughter’s most loved activity that she does with her dad. My husband usually comes home late and Lil p waits for him , sometimes well past her bedtime. But once he is in, they always find time to curl up and read a story. Even as a kid, Lil p loved hearing stories from her dad. He was always the animated one. Some of the most loved books have been the ones about dads. Here are some of our favorites in no particular order 



15+ Books for Father’s day



Author: Sebastien Braun


Sometimes daddies are loud and playful. Other times they are quiet and compassionate. And they are always loving. Sebastien Braun’s appealing text and charming illustrations follow a day in the life of a bear and his bear cub in this celebration of the bond between father and child.

Tell Me A Story Before I Go To Bed

Author: Sam McBratney

Anna-Sophia′s dad says he will tell her a story when they go up the wooden hill. But Anna-Sophia isn′t sure where to find the wooden hill, so Dad gives her some clues… It isn′t far away, it has lots of creaky steps, and he carries her up it every night. Can Anna-Sophia solve the riddle before it′s time for bed?


Daddy’s Little Scout

It’s springtime, and Little Fox and Daddy Fox are visiting the animals of the forest to see their new homes. Little Fox is outgrowing their old den, and the Foxes will need a new home, too. Little Fox is glad that their new home will not be high in a tree, in a prickly bush, or in a cold wet stream. Little Fox realizes that the best home is snug and warm in a den . . . with Daddy Fox!

The Daddy Book


The Daddy Book celebrates all different kinds of dads and highlights the many reasons they are so special. Whether your dad walks you to school or walks you to the bus, whether he wears suits or two different socks, whether he has a lot of hair or a little, Todd Parr assures readers that no matter what kind of daddy you have, every father is special in his own unique way. With his trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes, kids will learn that while no two dads are exactly alike, “all daddies love to hug and kiss you”, and that is what is so special about them!


Up on Daddy’s Shoulders

Author: Matt Berry


Up on Daddy’s shoulders, I’m the happiest kid in the world.
Feeling taller than his big brother, his house, and the giraffes at the zoo, a little boy spends the day on his daddy’s shoulders as they go for a walk around their neighborhood.
Matt Berry’s sweet story of a little boy and his daddy is brought to life by Lucy Corvino’s classic, vivid illustrations.

I Love My Daddy Because


I love my daddy because he takes naps with me. This beloved, best-selling concept book, richly illustrated by Ashley Wolff, is  available as a board book for small hands. Each book begins with an affectionate scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to caregiving in animal families.

A Father’s song


In lyrical and charming verse, a father expresses his deep love for his child. With its warm text and lively illustrations that capture a fun day at the park, it’s the perfect Father’s Day picture book.


My Daddy and Me

Author: Amy E. Sklansky


This charming story of fathers, sons, and daughters is adorably brought to life by the New York Times bestselling artist Ard Hoyt with illustrations that highlight quiet and endearing moments experienced by father and child. A universal tale of the love dads share with their children every day, My Daddy and Me is the perfect book for Father’s Day or any day!


Where is Daddy?It’s Time for a Hug and a Kiss! 

Author: Smart Kids Publishing


This book was a gift when Lil p was a wee little baby. Help your child look for daddy throughout this bright, fun lift-a-flap book. Age-appropriate, simple line drawings and bold primary colours keep the child’s attention throughout the hide-and-seek adventure. At the end, find your daddy in the vinyl pocket attached to the last page where a personalised photo can be inserted.

I Love You More


This wonderful padded board book shows the love of a father for his son. Simple colorful illustrations show readers how simple and wonderful love can be. Papa bear and baby bear are having a wonderful day. They love each other very much and play a game to say how much. I love you more than sunshine. I love you more than rain. I love it when you swoop me high, then twirl me back again.

Guess How Much I Love You

“Guess how much I love you,” says Little Nutbrown Hare. Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves him: as wide as he can reach and as far as he can hop. But Big Nutbrown Hare, who can reach farther and hop higher, loves him back just as much. We love this book at home.

Bertie, Just Like Daddy

Bertie, a young hippopotamus, wants to drink coffee, read the newspaper, use a credit card, and more, just like Daddy, who appeases the eager hippo with age-appropriate options such as making a newspaper hat. At story’s end, the tables turn when Daddy wants to play like Bertie.

A Wild Father’s Day


When the kids give Dad a card that says, “Have a wild Father’s Day,” Dad knows just what to do. He says, “Let’s act like animals all day long!” They all hop on the bed like kangaroos, run like cheetahs at the park, and swing like monkeys at the playground. Their fun takes them through the day, until a cozy bedtime book tames down two tired kids (and their dad!).The last one is for Granddads.. I love these books

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Grandfather’s Wrinkles


In her first picture book, Kathryn England has created a warm interchange of family history  between a grandfather and his young granddaughter. When Lucy asks about all the “crinkles” in Granddad’s face, he responds by tracking each of his many wrinkles to a happy past event. He begins with the memory of his own marriage, goes on to stories about Lucy’s mamma as a little girl, and ends with the culminating joy of Lucy’s own arrival in the family.Here are some of the links to buy the books I have mentioned above and some more ..



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