Kumta beach

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As a baby, Lil P was terrified of vast expanses of water. When she was a few months old, we had taken her to a pool and the cold water had scared her pretty bad. It got so worse that she refused to go near lakes, wells and even water fountains. She would get hysterical and start screaming. For a long time, we avoided any place that was around a large water body.

 If you’ve followed my blog for long, you’ll know that my in laws stay in a beach town and right across the street is a beautiful beach. This pic is from her first trip to the beach at their place. We were very scared that she would start screaming when she saw the sea for the first time.

But there is something magical, untouched about the beach there. The first time Lil p set her eyes on it, she was excited, joyous even.. I can still picture her running from one end to the other her curls flying in the cool breeze. We were amazed! It was a wonderful milestone for all of us.That day she started loving water again.

This picture fills me with immense joy each time I see it..

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  1. So true, a beach can do that. N was initially scared of the waves lapping up then he started trying to run up to them touch and run back 🙂 Now it’s all about getting wet! Lil P looks so cute in this pic. Beautiful memory Shruti!

  2. Beautiful snap.

    My daughter was also petrified of beaches till she turned 4. Now she loves playing in the beaches. When we asked her the reason as to why she would start crying when we go to beeches earlier, she said “amma since beach is open and under the sun, I thought it was hot water, I don’t like hot water ! ” she likes beaches but is still scared of swimming pools … May be someday she will take to swimming, which is a lifeskill

  3. great to know that toddlers are scared of huge water bodies.. N loves swimming pool (but upto feet!) , water in the bucket, etc, but was scared of beach water when we went mahabalipuram.. dunno when she will start liking it.. 🙂