Latest DIY project – Our Art display wall

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I keep getting asked this question over and over again – How do we encourage our kids to do arts & crafts? The best way is to take pride in their work.. Encourage them by displaying their art in a prominent place. I always wanted to customize the kid’s room so that she is also encouraged to move into her own bed (and room). I ordered some A4 sized frames from in various colours to create a memory wall in Miss P’s room. The result is stunning and the best part?? – Its easily removable, re-positionable and leaves no stains on the walls of our rented apartment.

kids art display unit

What do you think???

Edited to add – The kid saw the post and wanted me to add more pics… So here goes.




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  1. Beautiful display! I think that taking pride in your child’s work is key, especially if you want to encourage them to be creative, as you said. Check out Keepy for another way to take pride in what your child does every day