Like Mother, Like Daughter – Our Laundry Tales

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I have always done the laundry at home. I find it therapeutic. There is peace in washing clothes sorting them, treating the stains; I also love the scent of freshly washed clothes and then arranging the clothes back in the cupboards. There is something soothing and satisfying about it. As I wash each article of clothing, I visualize my daughter and smile at the memory of her in that outfit. Each stain tells me a story about the happy times we’ve shared; A paint mark from our crafting sessions together, a dirt mark from when she was learning to cycle. I will delegate every other task to family except this one.

Like Mother, Like Daughter – Our Laundry Tales

A few years back, I had to travel for a week on office duty; I was worried how hubby & Miss P (then 5 years old) would manage all the chores on their own. True, we had help, a maid who would come in to clean and cook, but we didn’t have anyone to do the laundry. I left the house prepared to tackle a mountain of laundry when I came back.


About two days into my travel, I got a call from hubby and what do I hear?


Miss P was teaching her dad how to wash clothes just like mom! I could hear her cute little voice saying No! Mommy always puts the whites in the hot wash. Mommy always checks the pockets first. Mommy says we should use the correct detergent. She only likes Surf excel matic. Mommy this, mommy that. She then proceeded to open the door of our front load washing machine and added all her clothes. Both my hubby and I burst out laughing. My little one was acting like a mini me. Just like the idiom – “Like Mother, like daughter!”, here was my little princess, striving to do things perfectly, just like mom.


We’ve gone on to do a lot more things together. I love having a daughter who shares my interests and loves all the things I love. Crafts, cooking, even shopping! While I love my little copycat, it also makes me realize how much she is imitating my own behavior and mannerisms. What mother doesn’t want to be a terrific role model for her daughter? I want to show her that she can be anything and do everything she puts her mind into. I want her to learn to love her family, to follow her dreams, to be caring and compassionate and most importantly, to be independent.


For a child, doing the thing right is doing it just like mom. When it comes to laundry Surf excel matic gives you a machine wash as good as mom’s hand wash. Do you remember an instance where you saw your child trying to do something perfectly, just like mom? Share your story through videos, pictures or text with #JustLikeMom . You can send in your entries via, Facebook or Twitter. The best entries stand a chance to win exciting prizes including a front load washing machine.


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