5 Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Kids’ Birthday Party – Handling the Mess & Stains like a Pro

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Planning a party, there’s definitely going to be Messes & Stains. Be #StainReadyWithAriel with my 5 Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Kids’ Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a lot of fun. Well, at least for the kids they are. For me, while deciding the theme, decorations, and activities makes my day, I dread the cleaning of the mess that will be left behind.

It’s the truth – a single birthday party can leave traces of stains which can last for many years. Click to Tweet

But just because you want to avoid the mess and the tough stains, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about throwing parties for your kids.

5 Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Kids’ Birthday Party – handling the Mess & Stains like a Pro


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Your first line of defense in party clean-up is to be prepared.

First, get the big furniture out of the way. The lesser furniture there is for kids to bump into, lesser the spills. Half an hour spent scanning the house at a kid’s eye level can save hours of cleaning (and maybe even a few of your tears) later on.


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To the extent that you can, keep the party outdoors. That means games, food, present-opening — whatever activity fits into the backyard or community space, go for it.

This way you won’t have to worry about protecting every part of your house. The after-party cleaning will be much easier too. Check out –  10 Super Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids they will Love To Play

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It’s better to have a designated table that holds the cake and all food and line it with a plastic table wrap.  See – 20 Fabulous Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Choose decorations and activities that can double up as return gifts. Guests can take the balloons, Art Pieces with them when they leave. And if you use disposable plates and cups, you will be finished with the most of the cleaning in no time.

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Finger foods are perfect for little kids to eat while walking around.  Not only do bite-size snacks make for a super cute presentation, you won’t have to deal with the usual dips-and-spreads mess.

You could even make little food boxes for each kid. That way each kid can carry the food box home if they are not able to finish it. Less Cutlery & Food wastage too! 


I know that this sounds tiring but you shouldn’t leave the cleaning for later because the mess will just sit there and the stains will become even harder for cleaning. Grab a big plastic bag and start picking any trash from the floor or the table when you can.

Keep a mop handy for floor spills. Wet wipes are wonderful to clean surfaces or a mouth or hand quickly.

However, I always forget about the stains. ALWAYS. I get side-tracked, distracted, or just too busy to tackle it the same day. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up trashing something because I didn’t pre-treat the stain and it was taking too many washes and too much work to get it clean.

Those days are over.


Ariel 1

Using a laundry detergent that is powerful enough to fight stains- even those that are dried on is essential.  Ariel Matic has me covered. It’s an all-in-one solution that can be used on all of your laundry to help remove stains, brighten your colors & whites and leave a long-lasting freshness.

Grass and Dirt are unavoidable stains, especially after an outdoor party with the kids. But of course, a nasty little grass stain can’t ruin a lovely day! Powder detergents, such as Ariel Matic Powder is especially effective at removing outdoor stains or ground-in dirt. First, let the mud dry, then scrape off as much as possible. Pre-treat the remainder with Ariel then wash as normal.

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Why does party food have to be so greasy? Fries, burgers, frosting — it seems like everything kids eat has to be loaded on oils. If you’re battling oil and grease, Ariel liquid detergent is a great choice. Liquid detergent can be used with fully-automatic washing machines and is convenient for directly treating stains, as you can simply pour it onto the stain and let it pre-treat before washing.

No meal is eaten without at least one spilled drink and food on someone’s shirt. Whether it’s with samosas, pizza, pasta or even paratha, you’re bound to face Ketchup stains sometimes. But no worries, soak for one hour in cold water containing Ariel.

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If your child accidentally missed their mouth and fed their dresses some ice-cream or chocolate, soak the clothes in warm water containing Ariel for an hour.

Then put the laundry through a regular machine wash. Use Ariel Matic Front Load for front load fully automatic washing machine or Ariel Matic Top Load if you have a top load fully automatic machine to help with tough stain removal.
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These 5 tips will make sure that your house doesn’t look like a war zone after all the kids go home. Have fun with family and friends, and pat yourself on the back for handling the Mess & Stains like a Pro.




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  1. My son is turning 9 tomorrow and we want to have a party for him this weekend with all of his friends from his school here in Charlestown. We love that you mentioned what to do with spills and stains and making sure that you get them as soon as possible to minimize cleanup after. These tips will be useful after we find a professional to host the party and we start planning.

  2. My son’s birthday party is fast approaching, which is why I’ve decided to start looking for a venue where we can hold the said celebration. Well, I like your suggestion of decorating the place with something that the guests may take home, so it will be easier to clean up afterward. You’re also right about the advantage of serving bite-size and finger food.