Lil p speaks..

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At Mc Donalds, we saw a No smoking sign..
Lil P : Mumma what does it say??
Me: No Smoking
Lil P after a pause : Mumma.. I will not smoke.. I will only smell the burgers.. ok?

Lil p was practicing her dance to the tune of Kaise hai yeh rut 
Lil p :what does this song mean?
Me: Kaisi hai yeh rut ki jisme phool banke dil khile …Means What a lovely season this is that my heart is blooming like a flower
Lil p : Mumma why does heart bloom like a flower.. 
Me in a humorous mood n smiling at hubby: When u fall in love baby ..
Lil P  thinking about the falling part: Yes mumma, one time when i fell down , my heart bloomed like a flower.. I know it!


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  1. Ha ha ha haha…….gosh kids say the most hilarious things without knowing it !!

    loved the ‘will not smoke only smell’ part !!!

    loads of love to her 🙂

  2. Oh dear…isnt she cute ?!!! 🙂 🙂 I never thot of this angle before…thank u for enlightening me, little P. 🙂 🙂

  3. @PV: wasn’t it the cutest!
    @sudha: thanks
    @Ani: Will do.. just to remember them
    @Neelum: ya i’m glad i have a blog to record it all
    @monika: will do monika.. 🙂
    @Sandhya: thanks
    @varunavi, swaram, priya: u should hear her say it!!!
    @UmaS: Ohh she floors us with her words..
    @ambulisamma: she was serious enough.. will do more posts soon.
    @Usha: its all a facade.. :p
    @Bikram: aaj kal ke bacche. baap re.
    @sands: wish u could have met her..
    @EC: 🙂
    @putti’s amma: 🙂 thanks.