15 Delectable Pie Crafts and Activities for Fall

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It’s November, which is also fall season and time for Thanksgiving! When you think of fall, you think of falling leaves, a slight chill in the air and of course – Pie!! It’s no surprise then, that this time of the year sees many days dedicated to pies as well as pie crafts and activities. Besides National Pie Day on December 1st, there are some more ‘specific’ days for pies:

  • 27 November – National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
  • 29 November – National Lemon Cream Pie Day
  • 25 December – National Pumpkin Pie Day

With so many pie-related days, we can’t just ignore them, can we? So, let’s get into the spirit of fall and pies with some delectable pie crafts and activities for kids to make this fall. Don’t blame us  if you start craving a piece of piping hot pie with these!

pie crafts and activities

1. Paper Plate Apple Pie

Pie Crafts and Activities

Apple pies are among the most popular pies out there and this paper plate apple pie from Just Add Speech is a treat to make! It’s surprisingly easy and looks like a real pie, complete with lattice on the top!

2. Pumpkin Pie Slice Craft

Pie Crafts and Activities

Moving on from apples, this pumpkin pie slice from A Night Owl looks so yummy you wish it were edible! This is really easy for preschoolers too, although they may need some help with the staples.

3. Apple Pie Craft for Pretend Play

Pie Crafts and Activities

Do you have a preschooler at home who loves to pretend-cook and feed you her creations? Then this easy pie from Pre K Pages will be great! Use felt and pompoms for fruit and let your child get busy with rolling, baking and serving!

4. Pumpkin Pie Spinner

Pie Crafts and Activities

With it being Thanksgiving, parents would like their kids to learn more about gratitude. This pumpkin pie spinner from Parents is perfect for that, and can also lead to some deep conversations with kids!

5. Easy as Pie

Pie Crafts and Activities

Like many kids today, Jacob has watched baking shows on TV and now attempts to bake his own pie. But will he overcome the many obstacles in his way and succeed? Read this delightful little book to find out!

6. Painted and Stamped Apple Pie

Pie Crafts and Activities

A pie consists of a nice flaky crust, a filling of apples and some lovely spice. All these come together in this o clever painted and stamped apple pie craft from Off the Shelf! Use real apples to stamp out the filling and real cinnamon for the top crust, and it’ll be almost as good as the real thing!

7. Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

Pie Crafts and Activities

If you want to include the little ones too, then try making this pumpkin pie play dough from Fun at Home with the Kids. And don’t worry if they put it in their mouths – this play dough is perfectly edible and gluten free to boot!

8. Pretend Play Paper Thanksgiving Pies

Take pretend play food to the next level with a fun Paper Pie Craft for kids! Make pumpkin and blueberry pies out of simple paper collages!

How about making an assortment of pies this Thanksgiving? This paper plate craft from our archives is great to occupy kids for a Thanksgiving party. While the adults get Thanksgiving dinner ready, the kids can make these little pies!

9. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Pie Crafts and Activities

What do you do when you want to make an apple pie, but don’t have the ingredients? Why, go shopping around the world, of course! This book takes you on a trip across various countries, collecting ingredients on the way for a yummilicious apple pie!

10. Pumpkin Pie Finger Play

Pie Crafts and Activities

Who says pies are all about eating? They can also be about singing!! Preschool Powol Packets has a cute little felt craft that goes well with the ‘I can’t wait for Pumpkin Pie’ finger rhyme. Perfect for the little ones!

11.. Felt Apple Pie Pretend Play

Pie Crafts and Activities

How about an apple pie craft that actually smells like the real deal? Yes, Study at Home Mama has an adorable little felt pie for the little ones, with the lattice offering some weaving practice and cinnamon to make it smell real!

12. Scented Apple Pie Edible Paints

Pie Crafts and Activities

How about creating some lovely artwork that smells so great you want to lick it – and you actually can? No, we’re not kidding, this is actually possible with these scented and edible apple pie paints from Kids Play Box. Now this is a craft that toddlers can’t resist!

13. Paper Plate Cherry Pie

Pie Crafts and Activities

If you’d like a change from the apple and pumpkin pies, try out this pretty looking paper plate cherry pie from Mama Miss. Based on the book, ‘Pie in the Sky’, this craft is simple enough for preschoolers and involves a bit of weaving as well – good motor skill practice!

14. Bottle Cap Pies

Pie Crafts and Activities

Why should people have all the fun; dolls need pies too! Whimsy Love has steps for making these absolutely adorable mini pies from bottle caps – they’re irresistible! Use beads of different colors to make pies with different fruit fillings! Due to the small parts, this is better left to older kids.

15. Apple Pie Sensory Bin

Pie Crafts and Activities

Sensory bins are a great way for young children to activate all their senses, especially sight, smell and touch.  This sensory bin from Stir the Wonder includes apples, cinnamon, oats along with small pans and scoops. With an apple pie sensory bin like this, their taste buds are likely to tingle too, so do keep some real pie ready on the side!

pie crafts and activities

Well, you’re probably craving some warm pie right now, with a scoop of ice cream! (or whipped cream – whatever rocks your boat!) Well, we did warn you! While your pie bakes, get down with your kids and choose a pie craft from this list. There are ones that can be made in a jiffy while ones which take a little more effort. Depending upon your time and energy levels, pick one and get baking!!

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