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From the last month in our endeavor to spend more quality time with Lil P, hubby has taken upon himself to tell Lil P a story at bedtime.. While I stick to published books, hubby has been recalling stories from the Hindu mythology and has been regularly telling her a story each night. They huddle up on her bed , dim the lights and tales of Hanuman, Bal krishna, Rama, shabari enthrall her..Hubby has been feeling all proud about this.  On one such day, I volunteered to tell her a story instead.. and Lil P insisted that she wanted her pappa ONLY. Hubby puffed up like a peacock and came by her bedside and I asked – why do u want only pappa’s stories?? and Lil P goes – “Because pappa’s stories make me sleeeeeeeepy” .. Boy! that was fun! I almost fell off the bed laughing.

The other day, Hubby was telling Lil P the story of Rama & Sita and story of the golden deer Maricha … so when Lakhsmana goes to find Rama, hubby very dramatically mentioned that laxmana drew 3 lines and asked Sita to never cross it.. and that line was called Laxman Rekha to keep all demons away. .Lil P immediately said.. ahhh like how ajji in kumta (hubby’s mom) draws the laxman rekha around all food to keep cockroaches away.. LOL. The things this girl co-relates! 

After the story, Lil p gives her pappa 5 kissies and they have a nosey fight..rub noses and whoever plants a kiss first wins.. after all the endless good nights i love u mumma  and i love u pappa  .. she insists that he switch off all the lights.  As soon as he goes to the living room, she’ll call him again.. and ask for a  glass of water. Every day! If he tries to be smart and gets a glass before she sleeps.. she’ll come up with some excuse and makes him go get a fresh glass of water.. Really daughters have their dad nicely wrapped around their fingers.

I love watching such dad n daughter moments.. makes me love hubby more than ever. I hope Lil P remembers it too even when shez all grown up..

Edited to add a few more of her jems..

To my dad when he made finger chips for her ” Ajoba, you are the best cooker in the whole wide world”
To me – “Mummy I love you as high as from the floor to the space.. and as wide from India to America “
On why we have proxy Santa Claus in India – “Because Santa is busy in America.. as they only have Christmas festival.. In India we have soooo many – Diwali dusera, holi, so my teachers dresses as Santa for him”
to every Tom Dick n harry walking on the road, when we bought a English to Kannada CD for her – “Now I know Kannada. I have Kannada CD”


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  1. Awww! she is such a sweetheart 🙂 even R does this water thing every night..but in her case..she wants amma for the stories 🙂

  2. Awww! Such lovely father daughter moments 🙂

    How nice of her Dad to volunteer the story telling session – in our case he runs miles away!

  3. @Lakshmi – Merry Christmas to you too.
    @R’s mom – I’m encouraging her to go pappa pappa rather than amma amma.. Fingers crossed.
    @RS: persistence pays 😉 keep at it..
    @Priya : hai na? 🙂 daughters have that magical quality.