Lil p update – 3 years 11 months

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Random updates…

Lil P school had a school trip to the gym on 27th July,2010. They were taught about exercise, its benefits, junk food and healthy lifestyle.

Mumma, we should eat only healthy food. no junk food. chips is junk food. vebetables is healthy. Mumma is Maggi healthy ? If we put carrots it becomes healthy. That’s why I want Maggi.

Mumma, all body were doing exercise in picnic today. I am small girl I should not do exercise. all big people should exercise in the morning.

Mumma in bus i gave *thumbs up sign* to M. that’s why she is my friend. n we gave *thumbs down sign* to A that’s why she is not my friend. She not sit with me so I and M gave A thumbs down.

We also did lot of dishoom dishoom like gun to A *hands clasped with pointer finger pointed forward* . Lots of giggles.

Pointing to fruits kept on the floor as offerings to God.
Me: P, u kept fruits for bappa jai jai (God). did he eat it?
Lil p: Noooooooo. he is sitting too high up to reach the fruits [ the puja mantap is wall mounted and is high up the wall]

At a random time of the day
mumma but my tummy is hungry…

She loves to dance to zoobi zoobi from 3 idiots and to waka waka by shakira .. watching her dance moves,
I asked” what dance is this? ”
Lil P: this is like that dance only . maja maja.

Her vocabulary has improved a lot. She converses in English very well. Understands Hindi and Marathi . We have slowly introduced Kannada too and she has a few favorite words she uses quite often – chikkadu, dodaddu ( sometimes called badaddu) , oota, beku, beda, kannada baratte, saku, nandu, sari.

She loves the book Ekki Dokki – Tulika publishers.

Lil p is really  fascinated by hair right now. This book is read every night amidst lots of giggles. In our house everything good symbolises Ekki.

Like – When she refuses to help me – Can you please help me like Ekki?
or when she doesn’t eat her vegetables – See, u need to listen to elders and eat lots of vegetables then your hair will grown long and thick like Ekki.. n my lil P is quick to gobble up her veggies. Never really thought that this book would be so popular. .

Another Tulika favorite in our house is What shall I make?

Lil P loves to emulate Neeraj. She makes ajja snake, ajji snake, pappa snake, mumma snake and Lil p snake.. all in varying sizes. She loves to make stories out of the chapati dough creatures too. Keeps her busy while I make chapatis.
Thank you tulika for these lovely books.

On Saturday their school had a buddy day where she had to take a kid from a different school as her buddy for a 1 hour of games and activities in her class. Her bus mate and a kid from the next building went with her .. We mothers had to wait outside with no idea of the havoc that was wrecked inside for 1 hour .. looking wistful, cameras clasped in hand. Lil P n her buddy Garima won the balloon game. From what she told me I think they had to balance the balloon between them for the longest time.

Speaking of buddy day.. Lil P’s class in making a “Me” book. She took a family tree and a pic of hers with her fav doll – Urvi.

If u come visiting u’ll get to hear this a lot..
I and Urvi are hungry..
Urvi lovessss to watch Cbeebies
Urvi is 2 years old. When she will be 3 we will have a party for her.
We have bday parties ever now and then where stone cakes are served and chocos shared. Mommies earrings, dupatta and gold jewellery invariably end up on Urvi.
Lil P eats, wakes up, studies and sleeps with her.In her words, shes my favoritest friend in the world.
Speaking about homework, Lil P’s writing has improved a lot .. Here are a few pics from her homework book for memories sake. I realized that she was not writing last year because she hates it when its not neat or the line comes crooked. Her being lefty also did not help much. This year she is much more confident and I can see that in her writing and coloring.
Positive reinforcement is very important with her.. Like if the line gets even a little crooked she becomes sad.. So I tell her little bit outside is ok..Good job. You can do it.
And sometimes I say Ohh don’t worry. Its ok. Pencil don’t do masti masti.Pencil write neatly. and then shes ok. If I tell her Lil P you are not writing neatly that will be the end of our writing sessions.
She is extremely sensitive that way.
Her current weight is 14 Kgs & height 40Inches.
I will try to have at least 1 post on her per week. This blog started off as an online milestone diary and I’d like to continue that.

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  1. Very cute and very nice. I want to write a thirukural here.

    “Kuzhal Inidhu, Yaazh Inidhu Enbaar Makkal, Mazhalai sol kelaadhavar”. Translation: He who says Flute is melodious, Harp is melodious, have not heard his little children talk.

    Just an observation. You had written Lil P went to the gym on 27th August, 2010. I am sure you meant 27th July, 2010.

  2. @PV: wow that was fast! 🙂
    This was in the drafts for a long long time. I need to announce thw winners of the artsy-craftsy -july too. Do stop by tomorrow again for that update.

  3. Lovely talks!! Doesn’t it feel good to remember all big and small things? “Thumbs up” and “thumbs down” sign for friends and not friends was cute!!

  4. Wow,.,her coloring is amazing for an almost 4 kiddo..and Lol on the healthy eating…hope it continues forever types 😉

  5. @PV 🙂 its usually very funny when she says it. I don’t have the writing skills to make it sound funny.
    @SG: Soo true. N thanks for pointing it out 🙂 its corrected.
    @Dilse: aren’t they growing up too soon?? Wish I could capture every lttle thing she does.

  6. So cute update…loved it so much…extra special hugs to the sensitive happy child P !! Tell her I am showing a thumbs up sign for her… 🙂

    The coloring is damn neat…leftie…love the ajji snake, amma snake…lol… 🙂

  7. Aww so nice to see LilP’s updates – she is such a sweet-heart 🙂
    LOL @ maja maja dance- hw cute 🙂

    Cn I be a guest on Urvi’s bday too 😛

  8. These posts will be a pleasure to read when lil P is older 🙂

    Sorry, long comment coming up, but I have to share this. The P here used to LOVE drawing all kinds of stuff – trains, cars, buses, roadrollers he would call them – and then colouring some of his pictures. One fine day he just stopped this activity which until then had kept him very busy and even happier. Much later I found out it was because his teacher had told him the crayon mustn’t come out of the outline in his colouring work at school. I managed to convince him it was fine only recently after he switched schools. He has resumed his attempts but there is not as much joy in it for him anymore. He says he can’t draw, only I can, and after I do he puts a small dab of colour right in the middle and then refuses to do anything more for fear of crossing the line 🙁 So sad what schools do to a child and his/her creativity

  9. A nice writeup of a damn cute girl.
    Her Language skills are amazing.
    Would love to read like this more often.


  10. Healthy maggi – I remember my mom sneaking in all kinds of veggies into maggi to make us eat

    Love her homework and coloring

  11. @Arundhati: Its really sad that we trust our kids in teachers hands and a casual comment (maybe with good intentions) can have such a bad effect. Kids are very sensitive. Give him a lot of water colors . let him dabble all he wants. maybe stamping with his fingers.. or with a paint brush. That will increase their confidence. Don’t draw anything.. there is no conforming. This helped a lot with my P. Just drop by once I can def get some messy crafts ready for both our P’s to enjoy.

  12. Very cute post. I loved all the updates of Lil’P and was amazed to see her write and colour so neatly. Way to go Lil’P!

  13. Lovely post ..i can so relate to it. Aryan never told me what they did on buddy day 🙁 They came back with a star shaped photo frame with each of them and thats all I know. His gym trip has not happened and I don’t see that in synopsis also ..strange !!!!!

  14. Cute little updates! Love the thumbs sign for friends or not 🙂
    Chapati dough is a fave here too and snakes.. to scare us 🙂
    Ammu is also very sensitive… and is obsessive about perfect writing… erases stuff if she feels that a little bit if off the mark!!
    LilP’s writing and colouring are so neat! Thumbs up to her 🙂

  15. WOW! I loved little P’s drawing and writing skills! I especially liked the Elephant and Panda drawings. Thank you for sharing so much information.

  16. That’s a good idea! It’s very neat for tracing the dots as well! Of course it’s a Teddy Bear! Sorry about that. Guess I got mixed up as I am seeing (and drawing) too many of pandas these days with my daughter Anya’s favorite animal (well, one of her favorites) being Panda!