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Lil P speaks in English.. all the time!! I am pretty ok with this. I speak to her in Marathi n she answers in English. Its the same with Hindi / Kannada. I’m happy that shes able to understand and respond appropriately. I speak 5 languages.. and I’m sure she will be able to do it too one day. Now she really doesn’t understand that Hindi / Kannada / Marathi are 3 different languages. So, if I ask her, did that kid ask you something in Hindi? .. She says NO!! He told in Spanish.
Dora ki Jai!——————————————-
She loves to sing (and make me sing)
I Love you!
Your love me!
We are happy family
With a  big big hug
and a Kiss from me to you…
Won’t you say you Love me too!

When Hubby comes home, He asks her
Hubby: Did u Miss me?
Lil p : Yes I missed you soooooo much
Hubby: How much? [ Hubby with a show of arms in the front, with increasing gaps] This much , This much or This much?
Lil p : I missed you as much Like a tail pappa

It took us a while to understand this. What she meant was that when she opened her arms the widest they touched the back and her palms formed a tail.. n so she missed him the most.

Whenever she sees a red car on the road, she excitedly screams… look look that’s red. Same like my pappa’s red car.. I love red mamma.. Its my favorite color.


I come home in an auto everyday from office. My colleague, Bala usually joins me too. When we pick Lil p from the day care, she likes to sit at the side and I should sit in the middle and Bala at the other end of the seat. Yesterday it was raining so I told Bala, lets make Lil p sit in the middle cos its cold. Lil p protested as soon as We made her sit in the middle.
Mumma I want to sit at the side.
Baby, Its cold So u sit in the middle
But Mumma I’m not cold
Baby, Ok. I’m cold Thats why I want you to sit in middle to keep me warm. 
Lilp immediately says.. Then u should sit in the middle mumma. I’ll keep u warm… 

She loves magic. Hubby plays the grape trick with with her. He hides a single grape in his palm and asks her to guess it. If she says right he transfers it to left.. and this goes on for sometime .. then he magically makes it disappear from both palms.. n  asks her to close her eyes n open her mouth. N then he says magic and places the grape in her mouth.. She just lovesssssssss this game!!

There are so many things she says n does. I need to jot them down.. Oh why do little girls grow up so fast???

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  1. same Q why do they grow up so fast? cute updates about Lil P… there are countless incidents where our answers will turn as questions to us.. when did we learn about the term “logic”? they use the logic for every single thing… when my colleagues or friends ask “what do you do on weekend?” I reply “Just answering or pretending to answer Adi’s questions”… I don’t need anything else to keep me busy..

  2. Awww she is sooo clever!! big hugs to her!! And yeah..I really wish we could keep our little girls little..forever!! Mine is growing up too fast,too!!:(

  3. They grow up very very fast.Very lovely to hear the updates of Lil P,you need to do more of them.
    Auto was really logic,she had taken over you.

  4. Awww! kala tikka post…and she speaks only English..thats good na..R toh speaks only Hindi..that too typical Mumbaiyya Hindi..kya karu is ladki ka :):)

  5. Cute update 🙂
    Its really tough to keep pace with them!! and jot down everything… but every lil note is priceless na 🙂

  6. @EC: 🙂 Yes it is.
    @Shama: Thank you 🙂
    @Smita: Ohh She is!! Too smart sometimes! 🙂
    @Vini: Yup. Pretty Lil girls.. 🙂
    @Simran: Yes She is.
    @Ani: so true!! They never tire of those questions.
    @Trish: n with the next 1 coming.. U’ll see that she suddenly grows up. a lil mother.
    @Roja: too clever, I say!
    @Uma: 🙂 she says the darnest things.
    @Ambuli’s amma: Oh she overtook me the day she was born.. always thinks 1 step ahead of what i think. I will try to do more updates
    @Sands: Thank you 🙂
    @R’s mom: as long as they can communicate I’m ok.
    @Swati: Thank you.
    @Swaram: Do come n visit us next time 🙂
    @Priya: I love ammu’s updates.. I want to try writing abt Lil p too that way.