Lil P’s school activities for this month..

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Wouldn’t it be fun to know what was taught in August 2010 ten years down the line 🙂
Here’s the syllabus for this month in Lil P’s class.

Theme 3 – Information for parents

Ongoing activities:
Fine motor activities
Gross motor activities
Pre-reading, Pre-math and Pre-writing activities
Imaginative and free play activities
Art / Craft activities
Music and movement

Rhyme and Rhythm session:
Look what I can do
Hand jive

Theme for the month: Seasons
Seasons –
Seasons experienced in India – summer, monsoon and winter
Different types of clothes worn during the different seasons, fruits that are available during a particular season, activities that people prefer to do during the different seasons. Different types of weather conditions
What are shadows?
Day and night
The rain cycle
Why is rain important for us?
The wind
Seasons around the world – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

‘Mr. Sun’, ‘My Shadow’, ‘I’m a Little Rain cloud’, I See the Wind, The Playful Wind

Formal work

a) Reading skills-
Introduction to upper and lower case letters Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp sound symbol association and related vocabulary
Revision of upper and lower case letters Aa to Jj
Games to reinforce reading skills
Sight Reading programme – Blue Book

b) Numerical skills
Revision of numerals 1 – 10 and associating them with their value
Missing numerals 1-10
Sequencing numerals 1-10
What comes after?
Ordinal numbers 1st – 5th
Days of the week
Months of the year
Games to reinforce numerical skills
c) Shapes -Revision of shapes circle, triangle, square and rectangle.
d) Writing skills
Uppercase letters M, V, W, X and Y
Revision of letters A, N, M, V, W

Activities to promote informal conversation.
Conversation games to help children say their full name, age, mother’s and father’s name, siblings’ names, name of school, class,favourite colour, toy and food and also name the days of the week and months of the year.

Special Events
Friendship Day on___30th July 2010 Friday.
For good times and fun times, that’s what friends are for…celebrating Friendship Day in school!

India Day on ___13th August 2010 Friday.
Children celebrate the spirit of Independence Day, dressed in the vibrant colours of our flag! Please dress your child in orange,white and green.

Parsi New Year will be celebrated on ___18th August 2010 Wednesday.

Special Day:

Seasons Booth Day will be held on__19th August 2010 Thursday.

Children learn about the different seasons around the world through different activities.

anf finally looking forward to the ? Parent Teacher Meet on _21st August 2010, Saturday

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