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With the school reopening soon, my first thought is, what should I send in her lunch box? Lil P is a fussy eater.. and two month’s at my mom’s place has her spoilt for choice. My mom is amazing with kids food. She will make sure its all balanced.. Right amount of proteins, carbs, fruits , raw veggies.. While I’m very very bad at it. Adding to my woes.. Lil p is now used to eating fresh off the stove. Everything has to be hot, fresh and just perfect! No reheats for her. But what do I do about her school?? She leaves at 8 AM and will be back only by 3 PM. Unlike other kids, drinking milk is out of the question.. She is lactose intolerant and will puke at the sight of milk..I’m really inspired by the bento box ideas .. and hoping that that will inspire her to eat well.
Here are some ideas I really liked –
Fruits , carrots & heart sandwich. This is soooooooo doable. I’m sure Lil p would love this as her breakfast.
A cat pancake maybe.. or a Dosa?? 
Rocket ship peanut butter sandwich maybe..
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Roasted veggie pasta bento
Little Piggie Bento maybe a veggie variety of the above

What do you usually send in your child’s lunch box? Please let me know.. I’m thinking of stocking up on some cookie cutters.. Lil p loves anything cute. I just hope I have the time to make it in the morning for her..

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  1. Do these cute things last the way they look in the lunch box ? I am afraid they will get all mixed up ..dont they ?

    I am in same boat ..dont know what to give him for the 2 school meals 🙁

  2. Waw! how will you manage making them in the morning and will they stay the same after few hours?
    Sandwiches with anything and everything inside, khichdi with diff lentil-rice/oatmeal/saabudana combinations and colored veggies
    cold potato salad
    pasta with home made pesto and tomato sauce

    goes well with my little one.

    She used to be a picky eater but on repeated exposure to several kinds of food and cuisine, food programs, recipe books and lets cook it together sessions she is improving slowly but steadily…

  3. @Swati – I really don’t know. I am planning to pack my box and experiment before I send it to my daughter’s school.

    @Chandrima I love the concept of a 3 compartment box. For breakfast, I could send her a piece of fruit / nuts along with an indian breakfast item.
    For lunch, Parathas with cheese decorations or rice with carrot flowers should stay that way ..

  4. Hi Shruti
    I can truly relate to your concern.Have you tried sweet corn chaat ? My kids love that :)They are happy with idlis (with small bits of carrot capsicum and tender green beans added to the mixture before steamimg them)and also paneer wraps:)
    I think we mothers keep experimenting daily in our laboratories called kitchen, to bring smiles on the faces of our angels !