3D Melted Crayon Valentine Heart Card

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I’ve seen lots of Melted Crayon art circulating around the internet for quite some time, but this is the first time We’ve  given it a try.  It was a really fun and rewarding project!
Make this simple, vibrant and stunning Valentine’s day art for kids using this beautiful crayon melt technique!

3D Melted Crayon Valentine Heart card

3D Melted Crayon heart Valentine
Here’s how you can make this super easy card that’s perfect for Valentine’s day
Materials –
  1. A small candle preferably a votive,
  2. color coordinated crayons,
  3. an A4 cardstock sheet and
  4. Scissors.

To make

3D Melted Crayon Valentine Heart Card

  1. Draw a heart shape with a black marker on an A4 sheet
  2. Melt the tip of the crayon [ be sure to remove the paper packaging before you attempt] and drip onto the sheet.
  3. Heat, Drip, Heat, Drip. Repeat till whole area is covered in dots.
  4. Once completed, cutout the heart and paste onto a card sheet [ alternately you can craft on the cardstock directly]
  5. The crayon dots tends to chip off after a few days. A coat of Modpodge does the trick of keeping them in place.

PS: This craft involves fire. Ideally suitable for kids aged 5 and above [ only if they are used to following instructions. No matter what age, please do not attempt without adult supervision ]

The last two are made by Lil P with intermediate hand holding.  🙂 The Blue is for hubby and red for me.. She pasted it on a card and wrote I Love Dad and I love Mom 🙂  I think I’m going to frame this one.
This project is a perfect for making a card or even as wall art on canvas , and would make a beautiful piece to hang in a child’s room, class room, or any place that could use a beautiful pop of color!
3D Melted Crayon Valentine Heart Card
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PS – this post was originally published in 2012. I have edited it with new pics & contents.


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  1. @Lakshmi – ohhhhhh.. you should try this one then.. I never made cards with wax
    @OM: 🙂 Thank you. Its very very easy too. Just take care that it doesn’t get into a racing match between the twins. I’m so scared of fire around kids.
    @patty – My fav too 🙂

  2. i am sush..nice to meet you in this blog world..I like yout Template..and especially the way how it is snowing..

  3. @priya. Working with broken bits might be tough for ammu.. attempt with care.
    @Sush – Dropped by ur blog.. Love ur travel tales.. and those pics! Awesome. Welcome here. That snow effect is from here
    @kala: Thanks & welcome here 🙂 Loved the colorful sankranti rangolis at ur blog

  4. Hi, Nice idea!!
    Tried to do this with my son, 8 years – he loved the melting n dripping.

    But only one thing – the melted crayon was having some burned/charcoal in it – so it added a blackish tint to all colors.
    Is that coz of the candle we used? It was a normal candle (white)