Mommy Super man

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Finally found a new trick that works! Lil p’s stubborn streak continues and each day its getting tougher for us to give her her antibiotics dose. Its the 3rd day .. 2 more to go..
Have now stuck a super man sticker on the bottle.. and convinced her that who drinks the syrup will grow strong. But nothing is so straight forward with lil P !! .. She said mommy u drink .. u r super man [ Wow! at least some1 acknowledged! ] .. so here we are .. both of us taking same dosage of antibiotics and exclaiming.. wow! mommy superman..Lil P superman!!

have kept the med under lock n key just in case she decides to drink it all at once!! 2 more days.. lets see how long this works!.. For now! mommy really feels like super (wo)man!!

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