My first-est-est-est award!!

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MiM had her first-est est est contest on this blogosphere.. n I won!!! I had planned on making 2 lovely thank you cards (I knew the’d be lovely, cos i’d be making them. see? ) and sending them to Kamini and MiM.
Yesterday this package arrived by courier and hubby dearest opened it wondering who in the world was sending me such a heavy courier!! N look what I Won!!!
AR. Rahman’s autobiography signed by the author Kamini Mathai herself!




In the mad rush that he n Lil p are always in.. he tore the outer covering which had kamini’s addr n ph number!! Now I neither have the addr  (nor the cards!!) n I blame Hubby dearest entirely!!!
Ladies, if u’d both be kind enough to mail me ur address again, I’ll get to making the cards 🙂 n will mail it soon.. The next week I’m off from work, and we plan on creating some really crafty stuff..

Lil P’s health is much better now. She still has to gain her strength though. Yesterday evening, she started wheezing with just a 10 feet dash in the park.

Over the next week, hopefully i’ll get back to blogging more regularly.
For now, Thank you MiM and Kamini 🙂 U made my day.


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  1. congratulations! nice hear about lil *p* getting stronger. Look forward to see you more often from now 🙂

    Happy holidays!!

  2. congratso! 🙂 🙂 how nice!

    pls have some contests in your blog too. I want them cards (made by U) 😉

    now let me check what the contest was all about.

  3. @Monika, Jyoti: Hehe. It was Fun! I soooooo Love ARR that i’m thrilled at getting the book.
    @mohan: So many things that i want to pen. 🙂 Will try.
    @lostworld: Haha!! Suggest something.

  4. @lohit: 🙂
    @swati: thanks.
    @priya: Thanks 🙂 I replied to ur mail… Sorry for the delay.
    @mama-mia : Its a lovely book.. I really never knew abt ARR’s life..
    @TPL: U betcha!!! 🙂