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A little boy dreams … a dream about snow white and the evil step mother; about the little princess being banished from her kingdom ; about making new friends, the wild animals and the lovely  7 dwarfs who loved to dig dig and dig some more for diamonds… Wondering what i’m talking about??? This was the theme for the annual day function at Lil p’s school.

When the school announced that there would be a practice session in a branch nearly 10 kms from the present school, I was really worried about sending Lil P alone in the bus. So i asked her teacher if i could tag along in the bus. I must tell u the whole experience was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

I learnt that Lil p has her own group n seat reserved in the bus.. Most kids have a great time. Some promptly fell asleep. Most were very very close to their teachers.. taking their permission for everything. My respect for the teachers grew 100 folds. My God what patience is required.

The setting was unfamiliar.. a couple of kids started crying for their mommies..

I realized that if 1 kid is hungry, all get hungry..
If 1 kid cries for his / her mommy.. they all cry..
If they are given cakes to eat, all of them want the cherried one.
If 1 has to go to the toilet … all others suddenly feel the urge to go JUST now!
It was soooo much fun with them all. I learnt all their names, sang songs to them, practised their dance steps with them. Fed them all biscuits n chocolates. Some parents had not sent an extra set of clothes or even the water bottle. It was a practise session for 5 hours. How can u send ur kid without even a water bottle??? The teachers already had their hands full.. trying to keep all kids occupied and organised at the same time. Lil P was showing off her mommy to each kid.. proudly saying.. my mommy. my mommy. It was soo cute. This was the practise session.

On the actual annual day, The teachers were amazing. The way they handled each kid.. coaxing them to wear their costume, wiping the tears, giving all of them a hug.. I felt that the teacher was the mother there. I helped the kids get into their costumes, applied light makeup. They all looked like little dolls. I could feel the excitement and the apprehensions. These little 3 year olds,  1st time on the stage.. 2 months of practise.. all for that 5 min glory. I was soo glad I got a chance to be a part of it!

Have a look 🙂


[ Lil p is the red imp in the centre ]

The teachers and the principal even sent me a thank you card the next day.. 🙂 Really sweet of them all.

Edited to add : Here’s the original video


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  1. So cute Shruti! If Lil’P was the one in the red dress and hat in the center, she was doing the dance really well! Really into the flow of the music and dance. Can’t believe how fast our little ones grow up na?

  2. Got to agree with Divs .. lil’P hs done really well Shru 🙂 And it must hv been a wonderful exp. for u to be there no 🙂
    So sweet of them to send the thank U card 🙂

  3. Oh my God…its the most amazingly cute video I have seen in ages…I cant believe Lil’P and her friends at this age can manage to actually sway to the rhythm remember such steps and execute them on stage…What a great experience….It reminds me of the days when we used to help Ma out with her school annual days :):) Thanks for the video ya…i felt so good after seeing it 🙂

  4. Delight to watch. I loved the parts where P would look back and then do her steps engrossed in something that caught her attention behind!!;-D So typical of kids.

  5. @divs: 🙂 she loves to dance but had never danced on a stage before.. I’m glad they all had fun. The parents LOVED it.
    @swaram: it was amazing swaram. i always thot i shud leave my job n go join her school. but its much more hard work than I had imagined!! Its tough being a mother to 1 kid.. imagine being a mother to 20 kids & not losing ur cool!
    @R’s Mom: We were surprised too. Most kids danced really well. I can’t seem to have enough of this video want to watch it over n over.
    @lostworld: Yup! that was the cutest.. the kids stopped dancing to look at the screen.. some adjusted theie hats n pants midway. 1 kid in the middle of the skit said.. “can u see ur mommy” .. another said” stand up vikram” .. Gosh!! all parents were laughing soooo much.
    @Swati: 🙂 really yaar.. like u said in ur blog rt? that aaryan was not crying n all .. awesome work by teachers!!!

  6. Thats a cute one :).
    And yes..teachers are really amazing.. appreciate the way they handle the kids and keep them in good spirits at such times.
    Good that you could be a part of this.. unusual experience!

  7. Nice one. I am glad you enjoyed the whole experience. I played that video 3 times before writing this comment. Just one word for that video clip. SUPER.

  8. I am sure this must have been one of the most amazing and memorable experience for you. Haven’t beena ble to check out the video yet,will do that tonight.

  9. Lovely post and video. Loved the way all the kids are dancing. So cute 🙂 My daughter loves this song, I will surely show her the video since now-a-days “Shruti Aunty” is among her favourite list, what will all the paper crafts going on. I have been meaning to send you photos, I will do so today or tomorrow at the latest.

  10. really adorable. the kids looked so cute and showed absolutely no nervousness. thrillng isnt it, when we see our kids up on stage and holding themselves up so well. keep going and god bless the wonderful teachers.