No please .. please

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Lil P keeps finding out new ways to touch a nerve.. the latest 1 being “Please mommy” .. When she started saying please and thank you .. these had turned out to be my most fav words.

Lil P is sick today and is skipping school.. its 8.30 n mommy has a 9.30 meeting at ofc.. pappa is working from home the first half.. n mommy will b back by 1.. taking the rest of the day off

Scene 1 : Mommy’s busy making dosas for breakfast .. lil P wants mommy to sit next to her and watch Dora.. Mommy obliges once.. gets back to making dosas.. lil p says ” Please mommy, come n sit! Pleaseeeee” …
Scene 2: Mommy has to go to office.. lil P says ” Please mommy.. please don’t go.. ” ..ahhh mommy feels like quitting her job right then..
Scene 3: mommy’s back from ofc.. n its time for P to take medicines.. lil P goes.. ” Please mommy.. no aushad ( medicine in marathi) ” … ohh my poor baby!!
Mommy please play with me.. mommy please i want to go down.. mommy please this.. mommy please that!!

Its very tough for me to be strict with her and when it comes sugar coated with “please” ..makes me want to say
…No more please please..!!

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  1. An update to this..
    Lil P was rearraging the pillows on the sofa and 1 stubborn pillow just refused to stand upright.. so lil P goes “Pleaseee stand” 😉