Of fears & songs…

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Over the last few days I’ve noticed a lot of changes in Lil p.

First, I think she understands fear now.. I’m not sure if this really is a milestone. But I wanted to record it. When she sees a disabled street beggar, or when little Krishna is surrounded by rakshas [in the TV serial].. Or any story has something scary or sad, she says .. “Mumma. My don’t like this 1.. Lil p scared.”

I have tried explaining to her not to be scared. Sometimes it works.. Sometimes it breaks my heart.. I just give her a hug n say .. Don’t worry mamma is here na.. n that seems to calm her down. Any other mother in the same boat???

And secondly, when shez in the bathtub or playing on her own, I can hear her sing some rhymes. The tune sounds familiar but the words are all wrong or that’s what I thought. This weekend I actually got to observe her more closely and I was amazed! She is actually making up her own songs!! Like we were going to her friend’s house on Friday n on the way to her house she sang

We are going to bebo’s house, bebo’s house, bebo’s house.
We are going to bebo’s house todaaaaaay!
We will go and play with her, play with her, play with her.
We will go and play with her todayyyyyyyyy!”
I don’t remember the rhyme that the tune matched.. but it sounded so perfect!!

And yesterday when we went to forum.
Where are we going? Forum’s play [The play area at forum. She loves it there]
Where are we going? Forum’s play
Swings n slides and come to play” .. to the tune of dora’s song !!!!!!
I asked her what are you singing n she says .. new new rhyme! Am I imagining this??

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  1. Ohh she feels better with the hug n ur words, its really nice then.

    Wow! Awesome rhymes there. Budding poetess there 🙂 So so sweet 🙂 I loved the Bebo one esp. 🙂

  2. Ohh may be its just the age ..even Aryan says it a lot these days ..”mujhe darr lag raha hai” , “mumma light jalao , mujhe dar lagega” etc

  3. Cho chweet! I have forgotten those firsts of my daughter! 🙂 🙂 But makes my heart swell when new mothers record their kids “firsts”

    Its simply out of this world experience!

  4. It’s good…to understand fear. Specially when she’s not eating her cereal and mummy talks about health-fairy coming and taking her toys away 😛

  5. @swati : Ohhh. How are you tackling it?
    @mohan: Forum n more 🙂 played safe! :p
    @swaram: It works only sometimes
    I was never good at poems. Got to ask hubby dearest abt his childhood. 🙂 I’m enjoying it for now!

    @monika: thanks. I was wondering if I shud b doing something to help her with her fears. any suggestions?
    @sakhi: (((((((hugs)))))))) 🙂 I feel the same way when i read blogs of young mommies.. brings back such lovely memories.
    @meira: Ahhhh. Now why didn’t i think of that!!
    @TPL – hmmmm i think u r rt .. To the tune of “it followed her to school 1 day”

  6. Lil P is simply too cute,
    Leaves her mom totally mute,
    I think she’s a doll,
    When I meet her,we’re gonna have a ball!!!

    Shruthi, I got influenced by Lil P too ;-)heee!

  7. Yes..at first when they start realizing ..they dont like it..the ugliness..the nastiness
    Ammu used to say the same..even now if she sees a scary scene in a movie/serial..i can see the anxiety on her face..
    And the rhymes..so cute. Ammu is also the same..she makes up her own songs all the time..n they are all different. Sad.. I’ve never written it down :(..

  8. I love it when kids make up songs or stories, its amazing how creative they can be, adding tunes, lyrics and what not.

    Fear- Ash was scared of looking at the moon last month, she repeatedly said “NO Moon”, but now she’s fine. I think their fear just comes and goes, don’t worry about it.

  9. @AJ: Hey! I think u r right! but can’t figure the todayyyyyyyyyyyy part of the rhyme!
    @Sands : I’m amazed at their creativity.
    @priya: I hope its a phase.. I don’t like Lil P getting scared of everything. 🙁
    n abt writing it down.. i started writing when lil p was nearly 3. n when others write abt their kids (younger than Lil p) I feel all nostalgic too. But its fun reading rt?? Brings back a flood of memories.
    @lostworld : Lol. Good 1 ..
    @priyanka: scared of the Moon!! gosh! I’m glad shes over it now. GFeeling better after reading all your comments. I was worried its because I am busy with work n shes feeling neglected.