Of prized possesions & fisty-six* candles

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This 1 is for swaram
I’ve known to be immensely jealous of my hubby’s mobile phone… and have happily smashed them to their gory death.. until 1 day he wisened up & made me gift him 1…

and the favorite grandmom travelled hundreds of kms to spend her 56th birthday with her fav grandchild.. n how!! The grandchild blew the candles, cut the cake and even got her own special gift!!
n what did the birthday girl get.. “some carefully washed  stones and a broken toy neatly wrapped in a newspaper”

Here’s a pic of the happy duo ..

IMG 3806 1

Speaking of birthdays, Lil P is really fascinated by hers.. Overheard in a conversation with her dad..
Today I am 3 years old, thats why I gave u 3 kissies.. 1 on this side (left cheek), 1 on forehead and 1 on this side (rt cheek). Tomorrow when i’m 4 years old .. I will give u 1 more kissey on nose..

* Fisty-six – 56 the way lil p says it.

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  1. Aww this post is for me .. thatz so sweet 😛 Nice idea there, but I do luv the SLR too .. psst psst secret 😉 Only that telling it to him wil justify his luv lol 😉

    That ws such a lovely bday Shruti … luved the gifts that Li’lP hd for her grandma. God bless her 🙂

    A very happy bday to the lucky grandma 🙂

  2. hey. cute. does P also say S for F.fisty instead of Fifty. or is it just this 1 word.momo been doing that for a lotta words.

  3. @shankari.. grandma n lil P are rt now on cloud nine and have no interest in lesser beings around them.
    @swaram: LOL.
    @starry: so true.. I’m feeling quite queasy abt my 30th birthday thats coming up soon.
    @momo’s mom : she cant say fifty .. its only that word.. most others she manages quite well now.

  4. aww how cute 🙂 the gifts are prised possessions of the granny I’m sure 🙂 Happy B’day to her 🙂 “fisty-six” is so cute 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to dearest grandma and loved her gift 🙂 ..
    Three kisses to Lil P from me..And when i meet her(i really hope, we will meet some day) and take those kisses back 🙂

  6. That’s so cute !! Kids have their own ways of making everything special.
    And a very happy B’day to lucky grandama