Oh! I miss u so…

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(PC has gone to Chennai for an official trip)

I know, I don’t thank you enough when,


  1. I had to get the stool and climb in order to secure the upper latch at the door last night!!
  2. I forgot that the washing m/c has a start button that I need to manually press.
  3. I tried to snuggle up to u only to realize that u weren’t there..
  4. I grumbled n moaned when lil P woke me up at 4 AM for a glass of water .. n realised that I’ve not woken up at this hour in ages!! You always take her to the loo no matter what time of the night it is.. n never complained.
  5. I freaked out that I needed to get up early and stayed awake from 4AM to 5AM then promptly fell asleep till the maid woke me up at 7.15!!
  6. I thought the incessant ringing of the doorbell was a part of my nightmare only to realize that the maid was seriously considering breaking the door down fearing foul play!
  7. I realized that I now like my tea with extra milk & a bit of ginger.. just the way u make it.. n both me n the maid (secretly) dumped the tea (I made) down the drain!!
  8. I realized that I had not shut off the alarm and it started ringing the moment I went into the bathroom.
  9. I remembered at 7.30 that Lil p has her milk at 7:00 am..
  10. I realized that she now hates the way I make bournvita .. U spoil her totally!!
  11. I realized that you regularly check the contents of her bag each morning.. The water bottle was sitting pretty on the dining table much after I triumphantly put her on the school bus…
  12. I realized that I would have to go and drop her day care bag in pouring rain..
  13. and the day just doesn’t seem right when I find the newspaper in the living room and not in the bathroom where it is every morning..


 Sighhh.. do come back soon.



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  1. Aww .. we do forget to thank them na! Long live the love between u both 🙂

    So, when is the day the paper wil be bk in the bathroom again 😉

  2. Awww…….((((Hugs)))).

    I miss Abhi too when he is away but I so hope it was for the reasons that you’ve mentioned here.

    Hope the romance & love keeps growing by leaps & bounds.

    Also hope he reads your blog.

  3. Finally a post!

    I bet Lil P must be waiting for her dad to return more than you. Poor kid had to get by with mediocre bournvita, no water bottle and most of all without her regular bathroom escort for nights 😉

  4. Ohhhhhhh you poor thing….I know how you feel….just go easy on yourself and do only that you can do…husbands do spoil our habits 😉
    How many years have you guys been married?
    I find these apart-times enhance the love between the couple and best part is that you can plan a swell welcome-home party for him….just the 3 of you !!

  5. @Sakhi 🙂 Thanks.
    @Swaram: I swear!!! I hardly thank him.. Never realised he helps so much around the house! 🙁 I miss him though.. another day n he’ll b back!!!
    @Monika: (((((((Hugs)))))))) *touchwood* Nah! he doesn’t read my blog. Its blocked at office and at home he just checks his stocks!! maybe I shud mail it to him..
    @lostworld: LOL!! so true!! U’ll b a big hit with Lil P .. when are u meeting us??

  6. aawww… you are super sweet. Yes.. we sure forget to thank them.. and definitely take the little things they do for granted.. Atleast I do!!!

    But you know what… when my hubby is away.. I try and do all the things.. I dont normally do when he is around… Catch up with old friends.. watch a movie of my choice… sip coffee at a near by coffee shop.. Then I dont miss him as much.. Or atleast I try not to!!

  7. Have been reading your blog for a while now. This one really touched me. Seriously.. I dont thank my hubby dearest enough for what he means to me

  8. Finally you are back 🙂
    Ohh.. I can so relate to you, on days when S is out on work.
    And you are right, we often take our nearest ones for granted, never remember to thank them or even give them their credit !!
    Remember this feeling and definitely let him know when he’s back !! Or better yet, send him a link to your post 🙂

  9. Hey..nice heartfelt post 🙂
    Most of us sure don’t thank the people around us enough…we just assume they would know. Its really nice to put the thoughts in words and let them know 🙂

  10. @neelum : Together for 10 years .. married for 4. No welcome home planned 🙂 Nice idea though.
    @patricia: Whenever PC is not around, it becomes double work for me.. office, pick her up.. plan everything. no time to relax. Maybe once she grows up a lil.
    @EC : Hugssss 🙂
    @vaishakhi : welcome here 🙂 I rarely giv him any credit for the work he puts in.. when hes not around, makes me realize how much I take for granted.
    @Dil Se : ya I’m BACK!!! I think i’ll forward the contents in a mail. But hez not the mushy kinds.. Dunno if he’ll just laugh it off 🙂
    @Poppin: 🙂
    @Priya : It felt nice writing it too! 🙂

  11. Hello,

    Your blog is very informative especially about crafts to do with kids (I have a 2 yr old).
    I was reading your post where you wrote about activities for kids during travel.
    Could you please tell me the brand/name of the fishing game? It looks interesting and I would like to try that with my little one.
    Thank you.
    Love and best wishes to Lil P.


  12. @Mim : He came back yesterday. N hes off to kerala tonight. Will be back on sunday nt.
    @priyanka : yup! we loveeeeee being spoilt by our man!!
    @gayatri: Welcome here 🙂 The fishing game is called the catching game. Its a chinese brand game.. the package does not have any manufacturers name! its available in baby shop at HSR & kormangala.