Oh no here comes the big Three oh!

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It’s official, I am 30 – and might I say this has been the best birthday I have ever had. I have never felt more loved by my friends and family than I do right this moment. It is a glorious, heart-warming feeling that has made me truly grateful and ridiculously happy.

I was feeling rather dull at the thought of being sick on my bday. No party, no booze, no Yummilicious food.. and an almost sinking feeling of no presents too! Cos I knew hubby’s plans were all derailed when i had to be admitted.

With that glum thought, I returned home after taking my IV shot at 8.. n since we always celebrate at 5th midnight I suggested to my sis that we should just buy a cake n get it over with. We could all party some other time.

We cut the cake at midnight
Then the cards arrived ..
then a present, then another and then another – a total 30 gifts – each a unique wish for me. I’ll stop typing and let the pics do all the talking.
Wish 1: Fly high – yet make time time to smell the roses
Wish 2: Capture ur favorite moments
Wish 3: 2 hearts beating as 1
Wish 4: Be a fashion diva
Wish 5. U are great. Don’t ever forget that.
Wish 6: Be sweet forever
Wish 7: Relive ur happy childhood moments
Wish 8: Relax, Destress, Rejuvenate

Wish 9: Pamper yourself
Wish 10: Cuddle
Wish 11: Go think up a billion dollar idea
Wish 12: Smile
Wish 13: Sing and dance your favorite tunes
Wish 14: Romance
Wish 15,16,17: Have fun. Dress up.
15 16 17
Wish 18: Something to hug when i’m not around
Wish 19, 20: Write a love letter
19 20
Wish 21: Something for you and lil P
Wish 22: Stay Inspired
Wish 23, 24: Love
23 24
Wish 25: Shine in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean
Wish 26 : Hold me close
Wish 27: Shine
Wish 28: Enjoy every second
Wish 29: Look at the whole picture
Wish 30: Happiness is like perfume, You can’t give it away without getting a little on yourself.
Ahhh Bliss! 🙂
To Sphoo: I know this could not have been pulled off without your help. Thank you for making this birthday something that I will never ever forget.
To all others: Thank you for the lovely wishes posted here, on FB, sent via sms and emails. You guys rock!

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  1. a brilliant idea and execution. happy 30th bde n have a great year ahead, healthwise, wealth wise and all other wise.

  2. @pooh: N yay!! i got a camera 🙂
    @udu: I know!!! I’m still stumped.
    @MiM: Lol. :p I was really jittery abt 30.. so hubby went extra special this time.

  3. awesome…. wow wow I am going to bring N to the laptop now and make him read this

    happy birthday once again

  4. Wow.. Thats a lovely birthday indeed.. Wish you loads and loads of love and excitement in the years coming dear.. 🙂

    Awesome gifts.. They all look so pretty.

  5. @Shankari: give me email ids n i’ll forward them this post :p
    @monika: Thanks:) hehe N’s not going to b very pleased.
    @AJ: Thanks 🙂 Feels great.
    @DIC: still a long way for u to b thinking abt 30 rt??

    @nithya: Thanks dear. ya n they were thoughtfully chosen. makes me feel special 🙂
    @sands & lavanya: Thanks. 🙂
    @Chitra: Howdu. sakkat maja maadidvi. Nindu next year tane?

  6. WOW!!! There are guys like this?! And this even after years of marriage? I’m going to love S’ reaction, or maybe I just won’t bother to show him, whats the point 🙂

    Happy Birthday!!! I’m sure you will get better faster now 🙂 I’m so glad you had a lovely day, I hope the year is even better

  7. Happy Biirthday Shruti! Wow at the gifts! Hats off to your Hubby! So sweet. Welcome to the good side of the 30s, btw! 😉

  8. Ushoooh!!!!!Lucky woman.. That’s the best birthday ever. I’m guessing the happy feeling is gonna stay for some months now. Lovely thoughtful gifts all. Happy birthday again 🙂

  9. @arundhati: Don’t show it but do mention. They get the hint.. if hints don’t work, demand.. n if that fails too, threaten :p
    @Boo: Thanks 🙂 I was very jittery abt being 30.. But looking at all u cool moms I’m inspired 🙂
    @Disha: yes very happy-happy 😀

  10. @swaram: ya camera is here 🙂 but ideas are gone.. LOL. let me try.
    @shilpa: yes. Thanks.
    @lostworld: Yup.. its going to last atleast till nov. 🙂
    @newmomontheblock: Thank you 🙂

  11. Wish you a very happy birthday Shruti! Have been following your Artsy-Craftsy initiative for a while and you are doing a great job!

    Want to register this time but am all nervous and sweaty..

  12. Wow..one wonderful b’day you’ve had!
    Have fun with all the goodies :).. wishing you have a great year ahead!!

  13. How awesome!!!! I cannot imagine what the 50th birthday would be like 🙂 May you have a loooooooong life and celebrate many such birthdays

  14. Wow! That must have been wonderful! Imagine unwrapping 30 items one by one! A very happy birthday to you again…

  15. @smruti: haha! 🙂 50th bday is far away! Thank you for leaving a comment and for the wishes.
    @Uma: The best part was my sis n hubby unwrapped each gift.. I had a cannula ( IV ) in my hand. It was soo much fun..
    @shalini 🙂 each person has a different way of showing their affection. special occasions demand special attention 😀

  16. Happy Birthday again…and wow…such thoughtful 30 gifts…you are lucky to have such great family and friends 🙂 God bless!